TMTC Seeking 2nd property for OHV park - Texas

TMTC (Texas Motorized Trails Coalition) is seeking a property to buy in the central Texas/Hill country area to open another offroad park.


*Priced no more than $1.5mil

*No smaller than 1300-1500 acres

*Good elevation changes

*Within 120-150 miles radius of the SanAntonio/Austin area

*Paved road access (or wide, improved gravel road without a lot of gates to go through and fenced on both sides of the road)

*Little or no "live" water

*No known, significant archaeoligical sites

*Fenced, with electric, water, and phone lines to property

*Not too many improvements (ie:game proofing fencing, houses, barns, pens, ect.)

*Near a small town with infrastructure, such as motels, gas stations, restaurants

*Local user groups a plus

If a property comes to mind that fits 80-90% of the criteria please email Carol L. Smith, ATV user Rep @ with the subject line of "property"

Thanks for reading. This concludes my public service announcement :)

1153.00 an acre in the hill country? Might be possible. I think you will need to go a little farther south. Let me know when you do it! You say "second" property, where is the first?

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