[flaming] You guys must suck!

Lately all I have been hearing is crap about, oh you couldnt use half the power this bike makes get a 250f..., oh Im not a pro therefore I cant use more than half throttle, and if I cant do it you cant do it either..., I hear BS like this crap. It is pissing me off! Do you guys really suck that bad? For real! I must be a pro, because I use more than half throttle, hell I must be the best rider ever because I even use FULL THROTTLE. If you really do suck as bad as some of you claim maby you really do need some more seat time, so SHUT UP AND RIDE PANZI'S! :):D:D

Preach on brother King. I ride desert and I use every ounce of power the 426 provides flying down washes and screaming up sandy hill climbs. By the way, I love the power and the ear splitting roar of the thumper.

I ride with a bunch of chain saw guys and they've told me on more than one occasion that they are intimidated when I ride behind 'em cuz they can hear me coming. They also don't like it when I pass them (which happens a lot) because of the shockwaves coming off the exhaust. Hehe, every time I hear them say that I just smile.

Not the dreaded FULL THROTTLE!! dude! be carful! :):D:D:D:D:D

s'ok, give full throttle a shot on a REAL bike, you'll find what power is. :)

pick one from the list below, let me know which you want to try! :D:D

I burn through stadium whoops wide open in 5th and bttom a suspension set up for a 180 pound rider while only weighing 135. I have been told that i am insane on many occasions.


Hey that sounds how I race.

Call it cheating or whatever the helk you want, but when I get on someone in a wash (my fav) I shift down a gear and rev the schmidt out of it.

Half of the time I am 1/4mile back and come up on someone picking up their smoker! EZ way to pass someone.

Like I said ......call it cheating but to me .........so is riding a yammy.......Especially the thumpers! :)

Man, this site DOES get better and better!!!

We have Doug Dubach, Engine Ice Dave, Gary Semetics, and now Ferry (Yz426King), and Carmichael (moto madman) !!!!!


I only wish I was as good as Ferry. But, Hey!, I'm working on it.

I agree King, I use every ounce of power I can squeeze out of the 426. The only way I would own a 250F was if it was my second bike! And I say second because I know I will be riding my 426 the most! I love my 426, and wouldn't give er up for the world!

YZking you need to ease up on the coffee! Too funny LOL. I always thought Id probably be able to knock off quicker lap times with a 250f than my 426, but I wouldnt want to give up the power. The reason I think Id be able to click off quicker laps is Im 40 years old and not in all that great of shape, and I dont get to ride even once a week. After riding my 426, running around with the trottle pinned would almost be a requirement when your used to quasar speed/horsepower. Hell, I bought my 426 because it was mellow'r than my CR500. You wanna talk some talk, go ride that thing fast!

Damn, the secret is out. :)

I used full throttle once! :) Here's what it look like!



You are right!!!. I just got my 02 426 and had everybody around aying I was going to die. I have riddin off and on for abou 15 years but still a novice. Anyway a guy at work has a 02 250F and is always saying how he goes to a local track and jumps the doubles and flies around the track. Well we went riding yesterday and I smoked the @it out off him, yes he gains a little in the corners but not enough to catch me and I am no where close to being good. Another thing the 426 gives the rider confidence in it's ability to power out of trouble. "he would not even try some stuff" just my thoughts I think the 426 is a better all round bike.

Yz426Queen....Ever heard of Dale Carnegie?

I'm a woods rider, and almost never set rubber on an MX track. I very rarely get past half throttle in the woods, but I do use every bit of the 426's power when it comes to my true passion . . . . HILL CLIMBING !!! The great thing about living in the coal regions of Pennsylvania are the montster slag hill's left behind my the strip miners. I can tell you I've craved more power from the 426 on more than on occasion, because there are some hills out there I just haven't been able to tame yet !!!

Yea, everyone told me I was crazy for buying the 426 as a first bike. That was in september...I'm useds to it now. Couldnt live without the power.

First bike? Sounds like a soon to be involuntary organ donor. Be careful, natural selection can be painful.

You Guys suck BACK

Lemme Splain

King ya wish you was as good as Duback Henry

So do every lil kid that dreams of being a star.

Ya I thought I was fast holding down the District 36 high point series being the kid to beat and the Jr Hot shoe, when a snot nosed lil brat passed me on the out side feet on the pegs on a 125, I had a 360, His name was Randy Mamola.

What I am telling you and I guess I burst your puny lil Ballon is this

You place that bike and your butt up against a rider like Dubach, Henry and so on and your EGO :)

Will Deflate like a Limp One, I am as fast as I want to be, I am 45 have nothing to prove anymore and hold my own. But as nature proves most kids dont grow up and they always have a perpertual "chip on the shoulder" for what ever reason, and always need to say I have 60 HP I have a 400 Buck air box thats saving me two pounds so I can act like I go faster. It human nature to think of ourselves as we are not :D


This is in the spirit of fun. I still Rock, In my mind only

[ May 02, 2002: Message edited by: Bill ]

you go boyyyy!

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