'02 YZ 426 Fork Springs and Suspension Shop

I have posted this question on the suspension forum as well but no responses yet so I thought I would try you guys.

I want to get my suspension revalved and have talked to a couple of shops in Michigan. One shop told me that I need stiffer fork springs and the other said the stockers are fine. I am 6' and weigh 190 (without gear). My skill level is novice to intermediate (leaning more towards the intermediate side) and I ride 95% MX and 5% trails. My question is, Are the stock springs okay or do I need to go stiffer? :)

Also, for you guys in FL, do you know of any local suspension shops? I would rather not have to ship my parts all over the country if I can have the work done by a good shop locally. The tracks I ride most are Pax Trax, Motocross World, and Mulberry MX.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I caled Enzo last year when I weighed about 183 and they said I'd need stiffer springs on both ends on my '01 426...

go to MX Tech and go to there spring rate calculator and but in the info and it will tell you what rate you need

I am heavier and perhaps slower and I put one notch heavier springs in the forks. I like the change it made. It does not bottom as much and seems to take braking bumps much better. I also but a much stiffer spring on the shock but I took it off cause I could not keep it from kicking. I have the stock one on now but have not ridden that combination yet.

I'm 185 lbs and have one stiffer front and rear springs on my 426. I ride MX only.

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