Will there be a 450F for sure?

Has anyone seen real pictures or gotten solid info about the specs?

George Loch

Yes there is a 450 coming and it's roomered that Dr. D rode a 450 at the Glen Helen 4 stroke nat's that was disguised in 426 plastic. A buddy of mine from a popular dirt bike mag says they have pics of the 450 in 426 plastics. Specs are not detailed but the motor is wet sump, frame mods simular to the 02 yz250/125's and the WR gets e-start. Just a thought, if the wr motor gets e-start stock, then the YZ motor will be able to accept the e-start mod as well! It's not the radically new aluminum framed monster that everyone was antispated. But it should be fun.

But is the motor the same as the 02? Or is it a completely new design?

Originally posted by Ga426owner:

But is the motor the same as the 02? Or is it a completely new design?

unless the guys in japan have been hitting the crack pipe often, it will be a different motor for sure. why you ask? because just look at the 2 kits that add electric start to the current motor and tell me that's not insane!

nope, not gonna be like the '02 motor at all.

at least the bottom end won't be.

if ya want a REAL hint at what the motor is gonna look like, look at the NEW motor on the R1 street bike. :)

What really concerns me is if the bike is going to lose some weight. I have an 01 and I'm not trading it in unless it loses some weight. Actually I hope it doesn't lose any weight, cause then I'll add a 250f to the family and buy a new bike each year (alternatlely). :)

buy a new bike each year must be nice, can I get your job please?? LOL :)

I was told that the motor from a distance looks the same, but under closer inspection you can see that the clutch cover is positioned higher in the the cases (to accomidate the E-start) the head & cylinder look sleeker. other than that it's hard to notice many changes to the motor but I am sure there are many. The swing arm also looks to be slightly different than that of the 02. I was also told that Yamaha went to great measures to cut the weight without sacraficing reliablity

I just heard that Yamaha is scraping the 4 stroke altogether, They are opting for soe kinda new technology called Hoverthumper

its supposed to be air powered like a hovercraft

no need for suspension or wheels.

Its rumered to weight in about 1 ton :)

I love rumors and what you can do with them.

Oh ya Clinton is ther spokes rep for the new Hoverthumper Race Team.

The matto of the team is:

I did not have relations with that KTM :D

I heard the 03 would be a fuel cell powered electric bike weighing 195 pounds and puting out a linear peak of 40 ft lb of torqe.

I heard there takin the Cannodale, slipping on Blue Yamaha Plastics and calling it the

BIKE OF THE CENTURY, opps my bad Yamaha already had that Crown 3 years ago.

If Clinton is their spokesperson they will have to change the name to HummerThumper. :)

[ May 03, 2002: Message edited by: wylie1 ]

Haha, ya HummerThumper would be its name for sure.

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