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Help - Lifan 200CC front sprocket

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Hey all, 

I purchased a Lifan 200cc motor over the summer to replace the tired 125cc Honda in my cb. Having an issue finding a 16T sprocket for it. Was hoping my old sprocket would have just bolted up but the splines on the sprocket are too big for the splines on the shaft. I ordered a sprocket on ebay saying it was for a Lifan but it showed up the same as my old sprocket and won't fit. Ordered another from a different supplier and same thing. What gives? Anybody else run into this and know where I can get a 16T front sprocket?


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Can you post up a few pics of the sprocket off the bike, along side a sprocket you ordered but doesn't match what you need.

Does the one from the old engine look like the one pictured below?



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