2002 426 for sale

It has renthal bars, race tech suspension with upgraded fluid ( set up for 180 - 210 pound rider) . less than 3 gallons of gas through the motor. It also has the blue wire mod.

5400 bucks. There is no dirt on this bike, it looks like it just rolled of the show room floow. It's less than 1 month old.

I live about an hour from portland Oregon.

Mike 503 824 6723

why are you selling it???

I don't have the patience to mess with the carbarator, I have fouled 2 plugs on about 3 gallons of gas. I don't like having to wonder if my bike will start either. I want a 2002 yz250, the two stroke!!!!!

hay, why do you want the yz250? on your other discussion you were going to a honda shop and get a real bike?

because I don't want a case reed motor, and I don't want a used bike.

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