Case cover paint?

Anyone know of a rattle can color that we can touch up our side cases with? Is that color magnesium?

How about the frame? It looks a pretty standard silver.


Those cases are only 40 bucks from Honda. I bought a new one and use my old one for a spare. No need to paint...

$40 ain't bad, plus a gasket (maybe).

$40 bucks buys a lot of paint. Plus I want to touch up both sides, raising the ante to $80.

Hey I'm not cheap, I'm frugal! lol

And with some spray I could keep them looking spiffy pretty constantly instead of waiting until they get bad enough to replace.

Oh no I totally get yah on that. I crashed once and my brake pedal knicked my clutch cover pretty good. Hence my reason for a spare. I just couldn't believe it was 40 bucks. Cheap.. :)

I crashed once and my brake pedal knicked my clutch cover pretty good.

I keep meaning to get a brake snake to prevent this from happening, so thanks for reminding me :)

I made my own. Don't tell me someone of your intellect can't make one qadsan?? :)

I thought the brake snake kept the lever from bending away from the bike. Are you sure it would prevent a lever from bending toward the engine?

One cheap way to protect the stator and clutch covers is to JB Weld a large washer on the inside of the brake and shifter levers. This creates a larger area of impact and reduces the chance of cracking a cover.

You may be right. I don't know if the brake snake would keep the lever from hitting the case or not. I was just making an assumption on that and planned to either make one or buy one at some point in time. You're right Tim, they're easy to make.

Yeah, I just cleaned up and old clutch cable and wallah, a little tack weld and she worked.

I was thinking about trying to find a carbon fiber one, anyone know where? Carbon fiber has huge advantages ove steel, it is 5 times lighter, and the best part.... 2 times stronger :), plus it looks pretty sexy. So I would look into that. -Matt

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