Which bike...??? Thriumph Tiger XCX or BMW 1200GS???

Hey TT, wanted to get input on what seem to be my two top choices for an Adventure bike...

Here's a little background.  Been riding since 2001, most of that time has been spent on sport bikes (mostly GSXR1000s), several dirt bikes, dual sports, sport touring, never cruisers, and now I have this crazy idea of taking long trips on an adventure bike :)

So, I've been trying to figure out what would be the best tool for the job, and so far I've narrowed down the search to two bikes I really like.

I have ridden a buddy's Tiger XC before, really like the 3 cylinder character of the bike, plenty of power, comfy and seems it would be manageable on dirt, although I've never taken such a large bike off-road.  The model I'm looking at has a lot of bells and whistles, electronic suspension, traction control, engine guards and aluminum belly pan from factory. Luggage is ugly as hell, but comes with the bike and I haven't seen any aftermarket options yet, but not a deterrent at all. I've also heard from friends that the maintenance is fairly low, which is not a huge deal because I do all my own maintenance, but it's nice to know I don't have to rebuild the top end every 3rd ride...

As for the BMW, I have not ridden the 1200GS yet, I have a couple of friends who have them, and they swear by them, I've ridden behind them and they seem like very capable bikes on the road even with passengers.  They too have the same options as the Tiger I'm considering, but the biggest delta is the price tag... Oh, and I don't know much about how bad BMW's maintenance would be.

So, any opinions, comments and advice is greatly appreciated!

BTW, the ultimate goal is to do a ride from Sacramento California to somewhere in Alaska, so far Anchorage seems like a good destination, but the route is still a work in progress ;)

Thank you and keep the shiny side up!



We inherited a brand new 2015 Triumph Tiger Explorer XC something or other. 

It was a very very nice bike but wasn't our cup of tea.  I have a feeling the triumph would be a better long haul road bike with a little bit of mild dirt use while the BMW may be better offroad. 


Wish I could help more. 

Thanks for the input fastback, I did fail to mention that I'm looking to do mostly on road riding with the occasional off road stint if needed, so I'm thinking +1 for Triumph?



It would surely be capable and like the BMW mostly limited by tire choice. 

So I went for it, picked up a new 2017 Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer XCX!!! After several weeks of research and a test ride, I was sold, the Triumph feels capable, comfortable and has more technology that I've ever had on any of my bikes before. Which after a short 185 mile ride last Saturday, I definitely like technology :)

The ride was all road, a few miles of really badly kept asphalt that made for a great sample of what the suspension would feel like on mild bumpy roads!

So far with the very few miles from Saturday, and still going through break in period, suspension feels amazing even two up, had it set to auto adjust and it was so cool to see it adjust according to the conditions.  Power was great even though I kept it under 5k RPM for pretty much the whole ride, of course flogged it a little a couple of times but didn't get crazy.  Windscreen looks small but blocks a lot of wind, being electronically adjustable is also a plus, once I found a good place for it pretty much left it alone tho.  Didn't play with the cruise control, but I'm sure I will on straighter rides, not very useful in the twisties. ABS and Traction Control were set to Road mode, couldn't tell you what they were doing, but I guess that's sort of the point, they're doing their job.  The heated handlebars were awesome in the morning low 50's temp, plus the bark busters did a good job blocking the wind.

I should be getting the top case and side cases soon, not really crazy about them, not the best looking ones out there, but it'll be nice to have it all together.

One small issue is that close to the end's day, ~8 hours of riding, my butt was a little sore and my hips hurt a bit from being bent, but I think that may be a matter of getting used to the bike, so a few more rides will tell me more about changes needed to make the ride more comfortable.

Thanks again fastback for your input!!!





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