Fastway System 3 steering damper

4 hours ago, THE KRAN said:

Don't take my word for it. I'm 'Mr Stongly Opinionated' around here..... but then I've had 19 different bikes in 11 years and have ridden over 3,000 what do I know...

kran yur so wound up.. He's probably not riding high speed like you are.. He's mentioned woods and illinois.. He may not need what you need a damper for . .. you're doing more high speed. There's less chance of high speed in the woods. It's more like low speed and a damper isn't as critical there.

Taken with a grain of salt... no worries.  I know I probably don't "need" a damper for the stuff we ride.  My original question revolved around being able to buy a mount for the fastway to fit my 430 due to the free nature of the damper... I've run a damper in the woods previously and I personally like what it did for me in the rocks/roots/ruts.  But no, I wouldn't call that kind of riding high speed by any stretch!   At any rate, I appreciate the input.  Even from "highly opinionated" guys... (I've probably read every one of your threads KRAN, I love how you get some guys wound WAY up)


I have the 3, it has really helped this year with our split racing format. The track gets really ate up after youth,  trail rider, D, and C classes. The return to center and low speed are very precise and repeatable. I run 4 on low speed and it is great for all the chop, 5 is just too much for the woods but awesome in the high speed sections.

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      Hi,  I posted in the which bike should I buy section, but I was hoping for some feedback from beta riders specifically.   The short story is,  I'm looking at a new 17' 300rr race and I have to make a decision fairly quickly.   I currently ride a 13 300 xc and I really love the bike, even though it's not quite ideal for the majority of the riding I do ( lots of clutch slipping in first with this bike ).  However, when trails open up, the XC is amazing, on the pipe and the back tire.  It's way too fast for my skill, it's going to kill me and I love it.  I read and hear all about how the Beta is so tractable, power delivery is smooth, gobs of torque, but if the trail opens up ( with some power valve adjustments ), can it have the big hit and the excitement I get with the XC ? 
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      I currently own and ride a 13 300xc.  I love the this bike, even if it's not the best bike for the majority of the riding I do.  I ride a lot of very tight, very technical, rocky, rooty, trials type stuff as I live very close to probably hundreds of kilometers for trials trails.  With that said, I also race some hare scramble and enduro races and am looking to do more this year.   On my ktm, when I'm in first because the terrain warrants it,  the clutch is almost never fully out.  I run a fan because I slip the clutch so much and it causes a lot of heat, so the fan runs almost constantly and yes, I change the oil almost every ride as a result. I also put a bigger sprocket on the back.   I have the chance to get a pretty good deal on a new old stock 17 300rr race, but I've never ridden one and have almost no chance that I will be able to without buying this one.  With said,  I've read as much as I can about them and they seem like a great bike for what I want to do, but I'm worried about the difference in motor and grearing.  My KTM with the xc gearing and the 300 red spring, fmf fatty etc.. is a handful for my skill level, but I love riding it.  Will I love the Beta?  Would I love an xc-w?  Anyone with experience, I would really appretiate you input!
      Used stock triple clamp from a 2013 498RR, pulled for a conversion.  Good condition. $25 + shipping, PayPal preferred.
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