525 exc swing arm movement

I noticed my shock spring almost touching my exhaust on 06 525exc.  I pushed on the spring with my hand and the swing arm moved over 1/8"! 

I know that cant be right but looking at the schematic view of the bearing layout, wth holds the swing arm from moving side to side?  I see the bearings, sleeve, seals and some small cap type things that go on the end of the sleeves  (outer end) but what actually keep the swing arm from sliding side to side inside the bearings?  Looking at mine there appears to be some sort of spacer on the left side between the swing arm and frame beam but on the right, it just looks like the sleeve mates up to the frame?  Am I missing something on one side?  Got this bike in a trade.  So far the motor has been rebuilt at cannon racecraft in OKC, forks rebuilt, and its super clean and runs great other than it needed valve lash set.  So it seems odd that an important part like a swing arm spacer would be mia.  Any ideas?

Both sides should look identical, ktm uses uncaged needle bearings (2 sets on each side of modern era bikes) , More than likely your missing some of those too.

Might as well look at the fishe, and probably need it all.

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Bearings and sleeve that fits in them are fine.  However the entire swing arm WITH the bearing assembly slides side to side on the sleeves that ride inside the bearings.  There is nothing to limit the movement.  Even looking at the parts layout, there is no "shim washers" or thrust washers to prevent side to side movement.  The jap bikes use a cup type steel clad seal that limits the movement by pressing on the inner bore/side of the bearing cavity.  However it appears the orange team doesnt have this.

Looks like I may be missing the 4 silver cup pieces in the middle row


That would make sense.

Your bike should have loose bearings like my '05 (I guess). They can be pulled out with a magnet, cleaned in a solvent or WD 40 bath, greased, and placed back in the sheetmetal housing pressed in the swingarm. The housing must be full of needles down to one small gap or the swingarm will have too much slack. If the PO forgot the caps, they may have lost some needles.


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