Beta Handlebar Lock Issue.

I cannot get my Beta 300RRs handlebars unlocked.  I have tried a few different ways but nothing.  I bent one key with a wrench already.  Any tips?



Ok i finally worked it out.  Note to self.  Dont lock it.  Haha

I have found that I just have to have the handlebar OFF full-turn to get the key to turn to either lock or unlock.  I also have to press the key in a bit to get the key to turn.  

Practice a few times, once you get it, it is simple/easy.  

For me only 1 of my keys unlocked/locked that stupid thing, I removed it and stuck the Beta plug in there. 

I still have the lock for my 525 RS . I capped it for my 300rr.  Lube and don't spray water there if possible ...the lower bearings get rusty.. if you don't cap it..

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On 10/13/2017 at 11:22 AM, Andrew Puetz said:

Ok i finally worked it out.  Note to self.  Dont lock it.  Haha

That's good.. it would suck to have to drill it out.

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