Registration Woes

Just got back from the Massachusetts DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles). Trying the register the new left-over 01 I bought a month ago. I just handed the clerk the Certificate of Origion and DMV paperwork, hoping he wouldn't notice the "for off road use only" comment on the C of O. He didn't notice it. I was stoked. The plate was within my reach. Then he said "$287 please." I was shocked for a second, then realizing what had happend, said "I paid the sales tax at the dealer. Here is my receipt." I confidently hand him the special DMV tax receipt form and wait for him to hand me my plate.... He walk away to the managers office. My confidence is waining. He comes back shaking his head, "This is a copy of the tax form, not the original. We need the pink or yellow copy to process your registration." Trying to hide my irritation, I respond "That is all the dealer gave me. That and this bill of sale and this invoice," I respond as I rustle through my papers nervously. "Hold on," he says, disappearing into the managers office. A few minutes later, he comes out of the office shaking his head. The manager, a middle aged woman, sticks her head out after him and I catch her eye, politely requesting her presents at my window. I bat my sheepish eyes and state "I would hate to lose a couple weeks riding due to a stupid paperwork blunder at the dealership. The weather is bound to turn nice around here sometime soon." Taking pity on me, or my pathetic attempt at manipulation, she takes the paperwork and says she will call the dealership for me. My heart felt thank-you's trailed her to her office. I see her on the phone for 10 - 15 minutes. I am really starting to push the limit of my unauthorized "field trip" from work. Finally, she leans back in her seat, looks me in the eye and yells across the DMV, "THIS IS A DIRT BIKE?" Not exacly what you want to here when trying to slide your paperwork through. I tell her it has been converted for road use, thinking there is still a slight chance I can weasel my way into a plate. Well, she has no idea how to proceed. She says I have to go to DOR (Department of Revenue) where off road bikes are registered, but I can tell she is just pissed at all the time she wasted on me. To top it off, she kept a part of my paperwork, forcing me to go back through her after dancing thru hoops and state paperwork. I am still trying to figure out what I have to do. It might be a salvage title or something. I can't find anything on a conversion or reconstruction title, and nobody at the DMV seems to have any idea. All because I didn't have the pink piece of paper!!!!! :) I did call the dealer to "vent" some frustration.

This is going to be my issue also Salty. I think you can get some paperwork from either the town hall or dealer as to converting your title to "On/Offroad usage". It's a pain in the a$$ to get a plate not to mention the inspection...but who does that??

What did she keep? Can you get another copy of it from the dealer along with the pink tax slip? If so, go to another DMV and try again.

TimBRP, go to for a list of inspection stations. If you have all your paperwork in order, just go to registry and pretend it is a road bike. Chances are they will not notice the "for off road use only" comment on Certificate of Origion and They will hand you your plate for $75 ($50 for registration, $25 for the plate).

Needsprayer, while I am investigating the proper registration procedure, I am doing exactly what you suggested. I will just have to come up with some story for the insurance company as they need to stamp the form in question. I don't know if they will have an issue or not. Thanks.

Shudda just paid the $287.

I got mine registered here in CA just under the wire. They don't let you do it here anymore. It was a pain in the A$$ and I had to go back about 4 times before I got it all done.

Good's always a crap shoot when you're dealing with the DMV.

In retrospect, your bet your :D! At the time, I thought I was golden with the receipt the dealer gave me. I had no idea it was a copy of an official form and I was about to get screwed. :)


Down here in Australia rego does seem a problem we even have recreation reg for quads and converted mx bikes,I know that we have trouble with the jap imports but that are non compliant but there is a few bike wreckers that do ADR (Australia design rules)tags to get rego.

I brought my BRP on the net from another state and they do random full inspection on 1 in 5 and Iwas one of them but their mainly checking engine and vin numbers ,Yeh silly me brought the lower number plate holder and made a lexan front sprocket guard,he didn`t even look at that as it was only a check.

Would it be easier for you guys just to import than to go to all this trouble or is it only certian states?

Needsprayer look at your PM


Steve B.

I just got my XR650 licensed in Illinois last week! It was kind of a pain because my name was not the original one on the certificate of origin, but in Illinois, this is the jist of what you have to do.

Get an application for title, and an inspection form. I had to have a local cop come and do a VIN verification, and inspect the bike to make sure it was road worthy. With that you (the DMV) should be able to send in the application for title, the inspection form, and a tax exempt form (Since it is an off-road bike, you already paid tax on it.)along with your plate fee. I walked out of the DMV with a temporary plate. It may take some sweet talking, but it is possible. It did take me a couple of months of "fact finding".

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Gary :)

to AussieXR, who does the ADR plates here in Australia, I have a mate whos want to register a cr500 as they were selling them new, he thought he should be able to get rego if he can get the compliance plate. :)

To my knowledge only the importer can get the plates as with a lot of those jap 250`s etc.Look in the just bikes mag there is a few importers their ,also I think it depends on what state your live in .I`ll delve a bit deeper and get back to you.

Steve B.

thanks :)

Called the dealer I purchased bike from. Told them how they screwed me at the registry. They said to come in and we could "re-work" the paperwork. :)

Excellent :)

Well, it took 3 trips to the registery, but I got finally got a plate for my 650R. :thumbsup: Now we will see how those MT21s wear on the road!

In my most quiet and reserved voice: Oh Ya, Whose's Your Daddy Now!!!

Whenever you pass a Harley rider going the other way, stand up on the pegs and look down on him. :thumbsup::awww:

Whenever you pass a Harley rider going the other way, stand up on the pegs and look down on him.


Salty would you mind explaining your process as I'm going to go through it soon too?

needsprayer, that's too funny :awww:

A neighbor of ours (also a friend) just got a Harley and I think I'll have some fun with him later this week (standing on the pegs, a little drag racing, etc) just to make a point. He's already been telling me at the little league field how fast his bike is and how it blows away everything on & off the road in terms of acceleration, etc, so he's prime for an awakening :thumbsup:

OH FUN! :awww:

I always love to hear about a good eye-opening experience for those non-BRP riders! (especially the boisterous ones!!) :thumbsup:

Mine isn't street legal so I have to live vicariously through ya'll!



Mine isn't street legal so I have to live vicariously through ya'll!

Mine ain't either, but this calls for special circumstances and I'll take the risk this time just to see the look on his face. If I can be 'lucky' enough to ride a good wheelie at speed and pass him while he's under full acceleration, then we'll really have something to talk about at the little league games :thumbsup:

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