exhaust gasket on yz

another two smoke question fellas

does anyone know how to make a cheap alternative to the gasket in between the pipe and silencer on a 98 yz 125?

It's just a copper washer and only a couple of bucks...

Why not just buy the right one? :D

Just FYI - everyone of the YZ's (and Honda's for that matter) drueled spooge right there no matter the condition of the gasket or the O rings. :)

i am refering to the rubber piece that fits over the tail pipe there is nothing copper about this gasket. this is a two smoke.

Oh, In hear sarcasm in that tone. . . :)

what does that mean furryballs? i'm tryin to get help not smart a$$ comments. apparently he misunderstood me about a copper gasket and thought i had a thumper. rephrase what you said cause it makes no sense?????? :)

this is the rubber where the pipe and silencer connect

There really is no cheap alternative. You should go to the Yamaha shop and order the correct one. I had the exact bike that you are talking about and to the best of my knowledge there is no alt. The price on the piece should be around $5-10.

Try a piece of heater hose from an automoble they come in 1/2 5/8 3/4 1 in.

they cost like 30 bucks here. no way in hell i'm paying that much. why doesn't fmf or pc sell these with there pipes? does any one know what size heater hose?

thanks to those who helped :) and to the smart a$$ :D

i found what works really good is to get a small diamiter bicycle inertube and cut a 2" chunk off and slip it over the silencer 1" , and then fold in the other 1" inside the pipe and then slip the silencer on the pipe and fold the little rubber edge thats left over back over the main pipe. do ya get it?

it worked really well for me on my old CR250 , i could never get the origanls to seal verry good?

Oh, In hear sarcasm in that tone. . . :D

Mulisha00, I don't think furry was being a smart a##, I read your post and I could see how he come up with the idea.

Check the attitude dude :D , you wanted help and people, (including furry :D) are trying to help. If people are thinking in terms of thumpers, well duh-huh, you're at THUMPERTALK. Give people a break and you'll get a break. There's a lot of experience with all types of bikes here, you want to benefit from it all, chill. :)

Rocky Mountain sells an aluminum piece to replace the stock one. I think the stock piece must be made of rubber covered platinum over gold as the cost is about 40.00!!!!

I looked at the RM piece, but decided to try to get more life out of my stock part.

Anybody try a piece of high temp shrink wrap? You'd have to replace it every time you pulled the silencer off, but the stuff is cheap.

I think I would try the bicycle tube idea, then slip shrink wrap over it and heat it. It would seal it up pretty good.

auto parts stores will usually sell different diam hose and cut to what ever length you need i think it was like thirty cents from pep boys when we did it for an old IT 400

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