What's the right way to put a new chain master link....?

Every time I removed my chain for a reason I get my masterlink chain lock broken, what's the right way to put it on, and the best way to get that thing off from the chain.......?

I just pry the masterlink lock with a screwdriver and the lock always get broken..........? What I'm doing wrong here.......? :)

You have to slide the lock off first. usually tward the engine if you have not reversed it. then simply remove and take the link plate off then slide the master pin link out and your done.

And use needle nose pliers to slide the clip back on (watch your eyes).

The best way is the trusty flame thrower

here is one in action

Notice the Bike Is gone as well


[ May 02, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Heyyyy EgoAHole, that's the best fu*(#*&*&^ng way to do it.......! I'll try next time, but first let me get that flame thrower......! It'll remove not only my master link chain and plate, also any imperfections on my bike for sure ! :) And that's the best idea to convice my wife to buy me a new thumper.......! Thanks a lot ! :D

Way to go Ego...!!! :):D:D:D:D:D

Humberto, you can take your baby to the Honda, here in laredo... she will fall apart in the first turn... :D:D

The best way to get the clip off the master is to pry one side up just high enough to clear the pin, then just rotate the clip over the pin and you should be able to just slide it off. When you re-install the clip, just reverse the removal. Make sure the belly of the clip travels with the chain. In other words the bottom of the "U" travels forward with the chain under power.

And I think Ego has a flamethrower you could borrow :)

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