Places to rent/ride in K-Town Germany

I will be going to Germany for 3-4 weeks sometime this summer, not excatly sure on dates just yet. Will have some free time on the possible two weekends I'll be there. Would like to get my riding fix wether on the autobahn or in the trails. Does anyone know of a place that rent motocycle's over there?


Unless your a dependent, I doubt you'll be spending much time there, sense most of them are deployed, or getting ready to, or moving out of germany

I wonder if there's good riding in poland?

Not totally sure where in Germany I'm being sent but definitly going.

Last time I was there, there was 1 military manning the desk at V Corps headquarters, EVERYBODY was in iraq, the whole post (Hiedleburg) was a ghost town, only the civilians were left

I went to a couple other posts, same deal, didnt go to ktown, but I was told it too was empty, good shopping at the px, nobody was there!

Well hell that doesn't sound good. How long ago were you there? Nov. 02 was the last time I was there at K-Town working with the Fighting Fifth. Wonder what up with my upper chain of comand they maybe feeding us bull****. I should find out by end of next month. Would rather go to Germany than Korea, expected to go there next fiscal year, been there done that.

I would much rather go back to korea, unless you like sand fleas?

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