JD jet kit

i just got a JD jet kit and wanted to know the best all around set up.uncorked stock exhaust,going to pull airbox lid and throttle stop. was going to use the sea level to 2000 ft. was wonder what others found that worked.its a wr 400 1998

I also just bought a used 1998 WR400. I have been going through a few issues to understand the bike and proper set-up. After a number of oops and false starts, I installed the JD kit.

While I have only been able to ride the bike around the neighborhood, with the mods and the JD kit it runs better than it did when it bought it.

I had other issues to resolve, but once I did, I installed the JD kit following the instructions. I am planning to go riding on Friday and will let you know how it runs, but it seems pretty good and others have posted very positive results with the kit with little effort (thats why I bought it).

I just bought a used 1998 WR400 and I am looking for all of the free mods specific to this year. I see the mods for newer WRs but nothing specific for the 98. The original owner did uncork the exhaust & pull the airbox, but not sure if anything else has been done. If anyone can help me with rest of the mods I would appreciate it. It also has the low end bog, any info on this would help too. Thanks.

Look at the post I just wrote for "Mods for '98 Help." I put a list there and a link to the ThumperFAQ site.

Pay special attention to the carb setting and cleanliness. The carb needs to be jetted richer with the cover and baffle removed. Make sure that the bowls (fuel and accel pump) are clean, the jets are clean and that the accel pump diaphragm rod is not corroded and working properly. Also, make sure that you let the bike get fully warmed up. WR's are cold blooded and need time to get warm and run properly. You might find that the bog goes away after you ride a little and let it get fully warmed up.

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