Defeating The California Air Resource Board finally!!!!

I haven't posted in a while, and am glad to say that I finally defeated the worthless organization that calls themselves the California air Resource Board or the CARB. These donkeys wouldn't let me plate my Canadien WR and did everything in their power to try and stop me from even getting a green or RED sticker. They wouldn't even let me register the bike in any way in Ca. at one point. It took me a year, and I had to do TONS of work, but I finally got it done. My One owner (myself) WR426 2001 has a Ca. green sticker and a Ca. License Plate. I need to know where the closest CARB office is so I can do a wheelie flyby. Get a life CARB, as I have one on my WR, riding trails.

Congrats :)

Hey Yamatom,

I to live in Laguna Niguel and own a 2001 WR 426. I bought it red sticker and had it converted before Dec "03" at the San Clement DMV. I'd love to here more about your story on getting the plate.

That is great news. F the CARB. I have a 01WR426 with a plate and a green sticker. It's a great bike.

CARB sucks! What a worthless organization that is. Do two wheelies bro!

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