OIL Drip

On a 03 YZ450F is it Normal for small amount of oil to drip out of that black Exhaust Hose coming from the Head after it has been ridden and sat for awhile? :)

It's a breather hose and yes it's normal. Mine does the same thing.... Kind of like the old Harley's - MARKING IT'S TURF! :)

yea that's what i ment (breather hose) ...Thank's just never noticed it before :)

Yup, my 400 does the same. Kinda messy...

Totally normal. :)

Seeing how we are on the subject.....

I was wondering what color the drip is one everyone else's bike?

Mine has been a little grey, but only after some hard rides. I have checked the coolant and that is up to par.

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