Gas mileage

1 More for all of you. How far can you expect to go on a stack tank. As I said would like to get into some hare scrambles or poker runs. Realize that aggresiveness and style will play a big part but how about some averages.


The owner of the dealership where I bought my 426 said he went 65 miles on a stock tank- but he's old :) and I'm guessing he had stock gearing and never got on the throttle a lot. My bike seems to do really good on gas with 12/49 gearing, but I'm guessing 45-50 miles max on a stock tank. I've never actually ran the tank dry yet, so I'm not sure. If I find out I'll let you know!

Before I even read a reply, I figured about 65 mile range. With a carb that has an accelerator pump, the more you blip the throttle, the worse the milage. The milage might go up a little if you increase the idle speed a little so that it's not necessary to blip the throttle to prevent a stall. I would still use 65 miles as the top limit though.

In racing conditions (I race expert class off road) the mighty 426 and stock tank gets anywhere between 50-65 mpg. First-gear trails: lower end, faster or desert: top end. I have a new, larger than stock, Clarke tank that I've never installed because the YZF gets such good mileage.


Less than 2 hrs, '00 426, T-4 pipe, rejetted, riding on local MX track to check mileage. Mike

My 99 yz 400 gets in the realm of 50-60 miles out of a tank. Here in Michigan anyways.

Ya want a real shocker. I was up in the mountains in Colorado last year. I got 90 miles out of a tank. I couldn't believe it. It was on vapors but it got me back to camp. That thin air is something.

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