Engine woes... Bent Exhaust valves... and....

I deleted this post due to new facts coming to light.

But Im leaving the little cam forger guy cuz some folks dig it.

here is dude making a cam :awww::thumbsup::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Man it sucks Barnum got trashed when in the end the motor went together with the original cam and crank from Barnums. I should not have ragged on the guy like that, sorry Barnum. :awww:

that little guy above is still funny tho :thumbsup:

.........damn............ :thumbsup:


You wouldn't be JohnnyAirTimes' mechanic would you? John is over this, seems that you are not. I said it before and I will say it again, the mechanic fu'ked up and if you are that mechanic you should shut up.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Are you Airtime’s mechanic? I’m not correcting you b/c your wrong but b/c you’re an &%$#@!. Talk about digging up old post! That issue was solved a while ago, are you trying to cause trouble?

Airtime, here had a bad experience 1st hand so he is entitled to his frustrations but I’m not going to comment on his situation b/c that’s between them, I wasn’t a fly on that wall. I have no reason not to believe J. Airtime but there are always 2 sides to a story so I won’t make a judgment unless I do.

You on the other hand crawl out of a hole, join in as an outsiders view and proceeded to bash someone I believe is good fellow who is more likely to give good service than bad! I don’t know who’s at fault in Airtime’s situation but you must be perfect if you can talk this way thinking Barnum’s at fault. I’ve made mistakes that I’m very glad people don’t judge my entire life, business, and personality on b/c they certainly don’t reflect how I routinely present myself and take care of business!

“Barney” (and his lovely wife) have had excellent customer service for me so I know 1st hand and I’m sure that is the general consensus around here! (He’s also a very knowledgeable person for big-bore builds from what I am told. If I were him I wouldn’t help you now but I’m sure he’s a bigger man than me.) He’s a partner of TT and resident tech who frequents here often.

You’re not making a good start here if you are looking for help!

You should move on along...we don't take kindly to trouble makers around here!!

Boy I type slow...Needsprayer beat me to the post...but I guess we are on the same wavelength!

You just had more to say. :lol::thumbsup::awww:

Needsprayer, good to see your on TROLL patrol. :thumbsup:

Recent pic of WobblyKnobby:


Man, when all is said and done, Barnums does not seem so bad. If he was not a good dude, I doubt he would recieve the backing he did. For what its worth, sorry man :thumbsup:

Post deleted by wobblyknobby

2000 miles away from Johnny puts you where? And your credentials are? And why would your Hell Angels customers (in what state) not come looking for you first, seeing as how you're the one who is supposed to be experienced enough to measure (clay test) clearances. If your little tuffguy scary story (that really impresses me :thumbsup:) did happen I bet you would :awww: and wet yourself.

R.S.W., is that you? :awww:

I'd say why don't you and your Hell's Angel buddies fix Johnny's motorbike, but he's already got it under control. Maybe he was screwed or maybe the mechanic is an idiot (or maybe all of the above...)

This reminds me of a time when I was at work and some guy called in. He swore up and down that the government had shut off his e-mail and demanded to speak to the president... Sha, riiiiiiight...

You look kinda weird flaming an old and buried thread. Not that I care, it's just not a very good way to make friends. But somehow I imagine that's also not a problem for you.

Happy trails! :thumbsup:

weed sprayer, What do you think of the KoubaLink? Did it do anything? Thinking of ordering one.. :thumbsup:.

"Not wanting to be" a four stroke mech is gonna cost you some $$$ Johnnie....

I have not needed to break down my BRP yet but it sounds like cam chain might of been off a tooth or clearances bad.

Kick that Dudes ass!

I agree, open up a can of wup-ass on eem. :thumbsup:


For a short Old Haole Guy (5'-8") the Koubalink is the answer for better footing and the cornering is improved immensely. It is easy to install. I had stiff springs to begin with and I believe that allowed me to set race and static sag perfectly (100mm and 25mm respectively).

Ground clearance (measured at the skidplate) changed from 12" to 11-1/4".

seems like a good way to go when I use street tires and want to slide the fork tubes up. Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:

Wobblyknob. So what facts are you wanting to get into? The way I see it is Barnum is parts supplier in this situation. A crank was ordered and "mild" cam was ordered. The cam was late but it got there. The mechanic realized that the crank was not right so knew enough to have it sent back and fixed...but when he got the cam it apparently didn't bother him that he didn't have a degree sheet. He may have thought it was a stock cam if so that was a communication error between the mechanic and airtime...I'm sure if they had asked for degree sheet or the info Barnum would have given the needed information.

You, apparently the perfect mechanic, claim there was inferior parts involved...ok then would you have still installed them? Wouldn't it be the mechainc's responsibility to make sure the job was done correctly and to his standards? That seems like the mechanic didn't have high standards of his work. I'm sure Barnum would have taken the parts back and probably refunded cost if there was not satisfaction in quality! But it wasn't quality that caused the problems Airtime had.

If you buy oil and change your oil but not put enough in or too much or whatever...then something damages...who's fault is it? The Oil company b/c it wasn't installed correctly? Its installer's fault.

I'm sure you have bought parts from a dealer...how many of those come with instructions...if you install them incorrectly should the manufacture take the cost from your actions if something damages. If you find inferior quality parts then send them back...they'll respect that....even if the parts are installed CORRECTLY and fail to meet the manufacture's standards they'll normally take the cost.

I'm serious here...I'm glad to hear you are such a studious mechanic with high standards of your work and I seriously probably would use you b/c I would know the job is done correctly and you would let me know if I bought crappy parts and was asking you to put them in. From the little I know about you...I am assuming that if you were in Airtime's mechanics position...you would have advised Airtime that you didn't like the parts he was bringing you...you weren't happy with the cam and from this...

Now let me say I have no stake in this. I have built thousands of motorcycle engines and thousands of automotive engines. I have bought parts from guys like barney but you have to double check thier junk. I no longer bother.

...you would have double checked the cam which includes clearances and correct degree'ing.

Stick to your high standards. :thumbsup:

Would you mind posting what you find with info about big bores?

I've flapped my jaw enough for now...time to sit back and watch for another 6 months!



Hold on here.

I come back from the Baja500... and this is what I read?? I tell ya, it's interesting to think this was behind me... and it really still seems to peeve more than just me (from what I again read). Let me explain what I know or read (decipher);


WOBBLY - , you are correct in many points. And I too agree that with my little experience and my mechanic expecting a 'bolt in' cam (not something he would have to have clayed) and Rob knowing about my needs and wishes (we had discussed it over the phone quite extensively) and if Barnums is so customer service oriented... then why was I handled this way??!!! I don't know. But I only wanted the TT users to know. That's all. My point was made a long time ago... and I've noticed that most the users on here are GOOD (if not great) friends with Rob and Denise (even to the point of my inbox and how it was flooded with PMs, how other TTers were banished from TT or how they too had been screwed in some way or another. They chose to remain out of it and silent. I chose to not post their PMs as they had requested me not to). Some of the facts were missed in my original post by some readers... some bandwagon'd me by not reading the entire thread and joining in on other's opinions...etc. But ya know.. I'm over it. And have been for a long time. I appreciate the support as I think you did read the facts as they played out and saw the 'tude I received as well. :thumbsup:

NEEDSPRAYER - I too think my mechanic made some large mistakes. I know am more knowledgeable... learned about situation and can tell you I won't be using neither of the two, Barnums or my mechanic (and no, he's not wobbly).:lol: I also am so surprised to hear some of you think that I'd lie about my situation... I'd never, no reason to. I know there's two sides... just read Denise's reply to me. Hence the reason I posted it. So you could all read and decipher for yourself. I was never trying to be a d*ckhead... but was angry as you all know and handled this in a way that was not too productive. But like I said, most of you read the post... and that was my wish. For you all to read it. :lol: Anyway...

There's 3 people involved in this in every single aspect of "who did wrong". You have to know, all 3 of us have learned from the mistakes. Rob, my mechanic, and me. Simple enough I'd think. And I hope those mistakes won't be made again, by any of us. BTW, I hold no grudges against any of them or anybody on TT for their own opinion. Only did IronDude and I have a head butting... but we too are over it.

All in all... I just got my bike back last Thursday. It had been done for a couple weeks after being clayed... ridden... and such, however I had no time to go pick it up. Now that I've got it, It runs like a champ... and hopefully will for a while. Next time... I'll have the best mechanic in the world (in my opinion!)... and that'd be me. :lol:

I'm headin' back to the "Chicks" forum...

:awww: ALL!!!

Post deleted by BWB63

Your wrong.

I don't want it to be "over" and don't expect anyone to be "quiet"... I think some people beat a dead horse. And then when it's rotting in the sun... they beat it some more.

You .. are doing the same.

And if you don't think I got screwed, then that's your opinion and obviously has not or is not affecting your pocket book.

Whether or not people "come out" and speak their minds ... well, that's not for me to say. But some people don't like to make waves... some do. If they choose to PM me and not be challenged publicly, well then that's their decision.


Like I said, I'm over it. So everyone else can do what they see fit. Even if it's beating a dead horse.

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