Engine woes... Bent Exhaust valves... and....

Post deleted by BWB63

If am wrong then wheres the CAM? :thumbsup:

Who cares "where the cam is"... my point was and still is I was treated bad from a reputable shop (Or so everyone thinks on TT).

You again... are missing the point and seemingly always will be with me and my 'issue'.

Ya know.... I'd love to PM you (and whoever else) with these 'secret' PMs I received... but I'm afraid you or anyone else would repost them. So I guess the TT users who work with Barnums will be doing it "at their own risk" as I did. Or like anyone does when someone else is involved with other vendors or mechanics.

Now, I'm getting back to race-dezert to read up on the results of the Baja. And "Fish"s killer story!!!!

This thread is so long, I lost track of what what the story was long back. But what I do know one thing for sure... Those icons posted by WobblyKnobby describing Barnums manufacturing of a cam was the funniest thing I have ever seen :awww: I almost fell on the floor laughing when I saw that :thumbsup: ( Im not knocking your cams Barnum, but gawd it was funny !!!)

Political Correctness Sucks ! I would hate to see censorship on this forum taken to that extreme. Have we ever looked back in history and said "they would have been better off had there been stricter censorship ?" Keep free speech alive (here, and everywhere) :lol:

Post deleted by BWB63

This thread is so long, I lost track of what what the story was long back. But what I do know one thing for sure... Those icons posted by WobblyKnobby describing Barnums manufacturing of a cam was the funniest thing I have ever seen :awww: I almost fell on the floor laughing when I saw that :thumbsup: ( Im not knocking your cams Barnum, but gawd it was funny !!!)

Barnums doesn't regrind his own cams....

He sends them out (I know this because he didn't know what exactly the engraving meant... he had to get back to me as he had to contact the cam people)

Post deleted by BWB63

Now it's who cares? He tells all to save others and now it's who cares? The cam works great now that it was installed right and it's who cares? You where told the truth at the begining and didn't like it....then bashed a business and then it's who cares...my bike is there I care!

Yup... you got it! WHO CARES!

I'm over this... learned from it... and don't personally give a crap anylonger. You do...!! You have a bike in his shop (so you say). Cool... I wish you the best! Hopefully you won't need it.

Rob Barnums gets his name bashed around, bet he cares. The truth is there and you say who cares? You tell everyone they're wrong (I went back and read it all again for the fourth time)

Maybe you should read it again... and again. Comprehension is something that plays part here. So Barnums gets bashed. SO I get bashed. We all make mistakes... and yes, even Rob. I knowingly do, and told everyone in the beginning I'm no mechanic... so I need "special" help. Apparently some get it ... some don't. I never told EVERYONE they're wrong... I told you, you were wrong and that I wasn't wanting anyone to be "quiet" or whatever.

Yelling about name calling then you name call.

I sure did... but only after it became personal. And not between you and I... so why are you still on this topic?! Hmm.. I think Mike's over it too. But not you... :lol:

We are wrong,wrong,wrong....and you tell us we are just supose to read it and learn...learn what?

Bandwagoning again... You use "we" as it's a damn gang. You should call YOURselves... "Gangs against John" or something. It seems you're now trying to be leader... or Captain of your new 'clicka'. So learn what you see fit... nothing if that's what you read. Or... maybe you'll learn 'from experience' as I did. We'll soon see now won't we?!

The cam is in your bike???????? and the cam was just healed? Looks like Barnum sent you a cam that was fine and the mechanic blew it! (I am implying if he didn't make a mistake the cam would of worked fine and none of this would of happened) That's why we are not to care where the cam is!!!!!!!!

I never said he sent me a bad cam. Or did I?! Crap.. I better re-read. :lol: It's been so long for me too. But ... if memory serves correctly I surely didn't blame the cam as being "bad". That was never the issue. Only the cam GEAR on the crank assembly. You sure you read that thread?!

It wasn't rude (the reply from the Barnums) it was frustration!

Ya know... Than if you think it was frustration... then again, they are wrong in the way they treated a customer. I don't care if I'm dumb as a rock, smart as a NASA engineer... they should treat me as human. Not vent to me. Not anything. Discuss it with me if they're frustrated... over a phone call, I told them if they disagreed to do such. They chose to handle with a rude return 'frustrated' email. BAD customer service - I don't care what company you are or are trying to be.

I have leared alot from you and hope I can put it into action.

Then good!!! My job is done!!!

I have flown off the deep end before the facts all came out and wound up looking like a silly little girl. Now I know how bad it looks!

I'm sure you have... now that you see how it "looks" from ONE END of the story ... since you basically have been calling me a sniveling liar... and have only one thing to go on, take it to bed with ya and learn from it. If you do, then again, my work is over.

Hey, all you guys that got screwed where are you??????? The secret bad cam and the bad rude Barnums......I don't think so!

That's the way to get them out. Call'em out on their info. Woo hoo! You definitely went to charm school. And you have some of the best communication skills yet. NOT!

Oh, it's just my Opinion. Or am I just to get your point and everyone else just dosn't mean anything? Yes, it is an open foram. You come up short on the facts.

You do what you got to do. You will anyway as your sarcasm tells me. Whether you know the facts, don't care to listen or read the facts, can't comprehend the facts... whatever it may be. Just do us all a favor... get your bike back from Barnums and ride it... tell us how it works. You've now just put more pressure on him to make sure it's 101% complete. I'm sure he'll make it 'just right' for you. And you'll ride away happy. Let us know, I'm sure "US" TTers will be interested.

Fact; Barnums sent your a crank (without a core charge) and forgot the cam. When told he could of sworn that he sent it but, there it was right there on his shelf, sent right away. If you get the other side the crank core was not sent for ever. Barnums is a crank short to have reground and placed back on the shelf. Bad crank comes back and checks out fine. (I was there)

Almost correct... but very close. The important thing here is "bad crank checks out okay"... no, it again was the CAM GEAR!! DUH! Ya know... this is the BS I am trying to keep factual.. and you can't keep the parts straight. This is why "word of mouth" is a bad thing... same with 'one persons' interpertation of the words or paragraph read. If he would have installed the crank assembly with the bad cam gear... with you there! You both would have noticed the 'hard' spot when the crank/cam gear rotated. But I'm sure it was a visual inspection. As Rob told me he saw the shiny mark on the gear... but didn't check it out. Did you know he called and talked to me about this?? Or I'm sure, you were there!

Fact; when told there cam made a bike bend a valve, they know how things work and know it dosn't work that way. Frustrated with the demands that don't make sense.

HUH?! You speaka' in foreign language?! I didn't say it was THEIR cam that bent the valves persay... I told them I didn't want a cam that needed to be "special" in it's installation. And since it did and wasn't (yes, my mechanic should have checked... but didn't since I told him it was 'not needed' repeating what Rob told me)... it bent the valves. Is this what you're reading... or misinterpreting?!

Fact; you come crying the blues about how they don't understand and get pissed when 95% of us don't understand.

Pissed?? No, frustrated. But you should know frustration cuz you can see it in Denise's email reply. Or.. can you only see their frustration as you weren't on my end of it. really?! It doesn't matter who feels my frustration... just that you read my email with her reply. :lol:

Fact; you still have the cam and the bike runs great now. :lol: You just can't admit they sold you a good product and your the one that didn't understand how things work they tried to tell you and you thought it was rude....

Uhmm... again, Your facts are screwed up. Cam was sold 'good'... just it took a looooong time to get to me as it was forgotten on my order.

only silly little blond girls don't admit there wrong.

Hmmm... referring to me?! I know you don't mean me... as I'd already said I made some mistakes and am NOT the mechanic type for a 4stroke motor! But did ya miss that too?! And girl?? Start that and we should ride together... maybe I'll show ya how "GIRLS" ride!!!! That is if you can see through all the dust.

I want a good job, I don't want my bike used by others without asking first, I don't want my parts swapped with overs without asking first. I want perfect tallerances, I want what I agreed to pay for...That's why I took it to Barnums and that's what I expect to get :thumbsup: With that said, he should be calling soon :awww:

Good... I hope you get what you paid for. And you get what was promised.... Like I said before... good luck to you and your endeavors with Barnums. I wish you the best. In fact... I wish anyone the best who deal with Rob. I'm sure 99% of you will get it. But ya know... it's the 1% that matter. And I happen to now know I'm part of the 1% as well as some other TTers, or past TTers. If you can't handle that Rob (like anyone else) makes mistakes... and he's GOD to you... then so be it. I can't change that and am not trying to. But ya know... MY perception is otherwise and I base my perception on facts. Whether you care to believe those facts... WHO CARES!!

And... let's keep this here as I don't need to keep track of this on XR650R.net too. One place is enough to 'deal' with you and 'your' opinion. Or is it "OUR" opinion as you refer to "we" so often?! ;) I've already waisted enough time 'clearing' your mistake of 'fact'.

Man it sucks Barnum got trashed when in the end the motor went together with the original cam and crank from Barnums. I should not have ragged on the guy like that, sorry Barnum. :awww:

that little guy above is still funny tho :thumbsup:


"Original cam and crank"?!

Senior... re-read once again. And I though you had the facts too.

*It was a re-ground cam spec'd by Rob and reground by someone else he uses.

*It was initially someone elses cam gear on a NEW Carillo Rod and stock crank assembly... someone else's bad cam gear.

Now you have the "FACTS".


Are you talking the picture of the TRoll? That was funny but, it is to be a picture of Wobblyknobbly. :thumbsup:

No.. he's not. Look further up at his now edited post to the forum... he had a 'funny' but not so funny cam 'in the making' line of graemlins.

Which ... I don't even think it's funny since Rob doesn't grind his own cams.

Hey that picture of me was taken when I just woke up, before I got a chance to wake-n-bake :thumbsup:

Man, when all is said and done, Barnums does not seem so bad. If he was not a good dude, I doubt he would recieve the backing he did. For what its worth, sorry man :awww:

While your at it... you should put your tail between your legs too. :lol:

Kinda funny since I too think Rob is a nice guy, means well, and can do good work... (I only judged his personable skills for the most part)... but to say what you did, then delete all of it.

Hmmm... sounds like TT admin payed you a visit and you don't wanna be kicked from here. :thumbsup:

Post deleted by BWB63

Post deleted by BWB63

Hey... I'm not that old! I'm only 36!

Plus... I've got plenty of fellow riders who do blow my bars off... one of them older than I... and one younger. Plus a great bunch of buddies that are just plain fast. We commonly laugh at how we should race the Baja... but I'm too scared to HURT my bike(s) as it puts them through hell and back.

And yes... you do live close.

Maybe you need to join us when you get your bike back. We can have some fun with this I'm sure.

I'll chant;

"I've got skills... yes I do... I've got skills... How about YOU!!" :lol:

Ya know that'd be perfect since I'm a little blond girl... should i bring my pom poms?! :thumbsup::awww::lol:

Post deleted by BWB63

Post deleted by BWB63

Needsprayer, good to see your on TROLL patrol. :awww:

Recent pic of WobblyKnobby:


This is the only picture I got where is the other? Did I miss it? This is the only post I got with a picture sorry.

Here's what Wobbly wrote (AFTER he edited it and took out the comments as well as calling Rob "Barneys", now it's "Dude";

I deleted this post due to new facts coming to light.

But Im leaving the little cam forger guy cuz some folks dig it.

here is dude making a cam :lol: :lol: :lol::thumbsup::lol:;)

No picture... just a post of graemlins

I should of said, cam gear.....it was fine...couldn't find a thing wrong with it. Thanks for setting it straight I was just making it easy and lumping it as one assembly.

Even "Cam gear"... it wasn't 'fine'. Why would I wanna pay for the time, the shipping... etc. to send him back a "fine" part?!?! Yes, I'd go mad ... but I'm not GOING mad. :awww:

Come on now, you have to think about that one. Rob may not have really looked for it to be bad. You HAVE TO INSTALL it in a motor to check it... or have a jig setup. I know he didn't do both and just eyed it. Oh well... it's hindsight now. But still, think about "why" I'd send back a perfectly good part.. and take my bike out of commission for so long in perfect riding season?! :thumbsup:

Post deleted by BWB63

I got it he was talking about the cam and crank that you bent the valve with that was from Barnum. Man your going mad :thumbsup: If there out to shute up those against Barnum why are you still here. You sure can dish it out :lol: but, you sure can't take it :lol:

Ahhhhhhh... ;) you're driving me mad! :lol::mad::awww::usa: Okay... one more time.

I'm not here to SHOOT up people against or with Barnums, Rob or Denise.... I was here to inform. Inform that I was mislead (in a way) and that I... yes, I had a bad experience (and yes, like some others that keep quiet. All but one, who since was banished from TT for bumping heads with admin)...

And I'm here cuz I wanna be... cuz I like to be... cuz I can be. There's more to this forum than just this thread... but you seem to be stuck on it, and in it and love to quote incorrect facts.

Now... I can take it. But I can take it when it's factual... NOT PERSONAL. When someone gets personal... than like anyone... I too get frustrated and or defensive. Keep it factual... and I'm up for any debate.

Bring it on Donkey Kong... just don't waste my time. :lol:

And lastly... I'm sure Rob's a nice person, has a great wife, and runs a decent business. But like anyone, they make mistakes too. Get frustrated too. It's all okay as long as it's dealt with in a professional manner. In MY OPINION it wasn't. Whether I'm wrong, he's wrong, my mechanic is wrong... it really is hindsight once again.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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