Engine woes... Bent Exhaust valves... and....

I am the old one but, you look alot younger on your web sight and figured with those....girls you were younger then 36. You would have to be younger then me to keep up with them (as in more then one) We are close but, I am older.

;):awww: "those girls" :lol: :lol:

They're mostly friends (Ya, I know... I'd be a pimp if I was with them all or more than one... but I'll admit, I'm not or haven't been)... They're there for my X wife, when I was going through the divorce. See, my X was a hot latina... very pretty. And she lived with me until the divorce was final (ya I know...odd situation).. sometimes challenging me with a boyfriend picking her up. So... I fought fire with fire (at the suggestion of my friends wife, who is one of the blondies in the picture)... immature. But ya know, It made me feel better as she got half my equity!! :thumbsup: And I finally did date one of the girls for about 6months... or until she got tired of all my riding, and lack of making her 'special'.

For a woman, coming in 2nd to a hobbie/sport of 'riding' isn't acceptable I found. So ya know what... Now, I just ride! And date! :lol:

Wait... what was the topic again?! :lol:

Nobody said anything thing to me but right up here. I backed down when I learned you are running the cam and crank he sent you. I originally thought he sent you the wrong cam. :thumbsup: I find that when you admit a mistake, it is more likely to be forgiven and forgotten.

<---BTW fellas thats my 35' Ericson Offshore Racer, it is where I live, I am currently cruising the Cheasapeake Bay This shot was during a race with 40 knot wind gusts. how do you like the pic?


I agree;

admitting when you made a mistake or are wrong is yes, more 'stand up' than anything I can measure it against.

But to go off like you did being misinformed by your own reading... Well, you are not alone on this forum. I too have misread... as well as others. It's why I try and stick to the facts as they are written (assuming we are ALL truthful).

Peace out.

BTW: Nice sail boat. Must be a great 'wireless' connection to be able to surf the web?! :thumbsup: (just kiddin, I'm sure you're docked somewhere)

Indeed, nice ship (it is a ship and not a boat, right?)

But could the image be resized to about half?

Not to b1tch but it's making the entire thread twice as wide as the screen. :thumbsup:

this better?


Really nice ship WobblyNobby, but what I really wanted to see is a picture of Johnny with all those girls :lol: Post us a picture Airtime !! Why is there never a group of hot women standing around when Im working on my bike :thumbsup: Its not fair ! My wife is also a younger latina, spanish girls are awesome :lol:

here is dude making a cam :usa::lol::awww::mad::lol:;)

These are the graphics that almost made me laugh so hard that I almost fell out of my chair :lol: Unfortunately most of the effect is lost without the Nobby talking about how substandard and sloppily this dude was making cams...

Wobbly, I know nothing of any boats bigger than a Bass boat so don't go using any nautical terms please but do you travel in it too as well as race? Your info says, "I sail around the atlantic with a dirt bike on the transom" so what I'm getting at is where all have you ridden?

I don't know how racing boats are...if they are built for long term use too or not? :thumbsup:


Much better, Wobbly. :thumbsup:

Wow its cool you guys are interested in my sail boat. As far as race boat construction goes, offshore racers are built to last forever and can take a heck of a beating. The hull is epoxy laminated fiberglass, mast is marine spec alloy, sails are laminated Kevlar and interior cabin is teak and mahogany. She displaces 12,000 lbs. with a 5000lb solid lead keel 5' below the waterline. Cabin space is suprisingly large and has 6'2" of headroom. She also has 110vac and 12vdc power, solar panels, autopilot(always use it), Kubota inboard diesel(rarely used), fridge, stove top, oven, head, shower, 2 sinks, seperate sleeping cabin, TV vcr dvd, PC, inflatable 9' dink with suzuki outboard, XR600R, and a large, brave, orange cat named Five. Also living aboard is my girlfriend Janae. Janae is a sexy young ballet dancer and a good sailor.

The best is sailing up to a deserted beach, drop the anchor, lower the XR600R down into the small inflatable boat and land on the beach and tear it up. Sometimes I find a road and head to town. The XR has a steet title and plate. I just got the XR, but I used to have a 1999 Husaberg FC501 that I rode all over FL,OH,VA,PA,MD, and some more. One time in MD I was roosting down the beach and suprised a hot blonde colledge chick, sunbathing topless. I stopped and said "uh sorry, how you doing?" and we talked for a minute, and she never covered up. I will be back on the boat as soon as I get a crank back in the old XR. I am always looking for cool trails/riding near the east coast. I love living on the boat because everything I have, including my boat is paid for so my bills are insanely low. I do not even dock the boat, She is either under way or at anchor (free). I normally work 3 or 4 months straight (eng builder, marine mech, yacht deliveries) and spend the rest of the time cruising. And oh yea, selling on Ebay helps alot too.

Thanks for asking. :thumbsup:

here we are in Annapolis


...but what I really wanted to see is a picture of Johnny with all those girls :lol: Post us a picture Airtime !!

Okee dokee...

I'll post one of the 'discussed' pictures... here ya go;



I've got to send the rest to the "Chicks" section, but I'll have to do some face editing as I don't want the face to be 'out in public' as the pictures are more R than just G/PG rated.

I know I don't have game... :thumbsup: But since my divorce, and even more recently I brought home the "panty dropper" (hot tub) :lol: ... you'd be amazed! :lol::awww::lol: And... I still have no game. ;)

Holy Smokes! Johnny has hot chicks stapled to him! :thumbsup: I want to be your friend just to get the overflow. Did you guys see his site? Really dig the bionic man intro too. I agree that you should post some pics. :awww:

The blonde in front is feeling her butt with one hand and her other hand is on her friends inner thigh :thumbsup:

:thumbsup::lol: :lol:

Wobbly... your damn funny.

The blonde in front is a friend and sister of the girl to the right. The girl to the right was my g/f after my divorce for 6months (even before my X moved out!)... and the the one far left is my buds wife. It was her idea to take the picture... to make my X jealous. (also the reason there's a Steve Austin theme... "Better, stronger...") :lol:

Here's a picture of my X...(scroll down) for you Latina lovers. (and just wait ... I have a better latina - ooohh... maybe I shouldn't post it due to "address and name withheld!") :lol:

Wasn't this a "Valve" topic?!?!

Shall we move it?!?! Say to "off topic"?!?! :awww:


So it is true what they say: No matter how good looking a chick is, someone, somewhere, is sick of her crap! :thumbsup:

So it is true what they say: No matter how good looking a chick is, someone, somewhere, is sick of her crap! :thumbsup:

I'd have to give ya a "helllll yaaa" to that one!!

I think there should be a way... hmm... to tell the ones who've been 'branded' by other men. For example, My X wife just moved out of a house with her new b/f... she took him to the cleaners too! Well, not "too" persay... but still made out somehow. Even after I warned him! But... just for this reason, we should be able to X the forehead... or some kind of tattoo that states the woman has been X'd!! 3 Xs... and you know you're in trouble... like "at your own risk" kinda thing. And so on...

Wishful thinking I guess.

Damm Johnny! :thumbsup::awww:

It's funny, how seemingly everything works in opposites. Valves included! Why does it seem like the hotter the chick, the more trouble she is? :lol: There is a solution though. I've been totally uncommitted for 4 years now and loving it. :lol:

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