Oil filter cover / cooler adapter for XT350, TT350 and BW350

I sent out three emails to three CNC shops today about getting some oil filter cover / cooler adapters made for the XT, TT & BW 350's.

A cover like Lizrdbrth made for the TW, more like this.


Waiting to see what I hear back.


I thought you just did that last year ? Unless it was someone else with a cooler adaptor /filter cover . There is a port on the side cover you can tap into for a cooler as well , at least on the 600's .




Yup still trying.  CNC shops need large volume orders to make it worth their while.  Little filler jobs like this are bottom of the priority pile.

Yah I can drill and tap but I want boss for the fittings with a thickness of at least the diameter of the fittings to drill and tap. The case isn't that thick.

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We'd have a couple hours into making just one, but then each one would be maybe 15 minutes more so ya 10-15 would end up being fairly cheap probably about $1000-$1200 max, but then 20-25 would only be about $1300-1500 so well less than $100 ea.  I'd like to make them myself, on my own time ,but I have such a list of other cnc projects I need to do on my days off . We even have a 15" x 48" chunk of 1" thick T6 aluminum that's been sitting around for 12-14 years now.



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You have any beginners with you ? It's be a good learners project.

Problem is having a machine open to make them , we're so far behind it's hard to get an open spot on the side. If I'd have a Solidworks drawing of one I could get some numbers ,at least see how much time would be invested. 




I'm a regular over on ADV, Ill ask the guys if anyone is willing to convert my drawings to digits in Solidworks.

I have Auto Cad and SolidWorks but there isn't a way to convert 2d drawings into 3d , they need to be physically drawn in the SolidWorks . A few years ago I could've done it on my computer for the cnc's , it had that software plus Inventor 10 , but that hard drive puked and the new one is a pile of shit and they won't install it , costs are $3500 each hard drive , last one had cracked software but they stopped allowing us to do that , rather high fines if caught. The engineers we have that have the software are too lazy to do any extra stuff for us . I can take some time to look at the part and maybe just do it in 2d and manually add the debths in the program, doesn't look like there is much that needs the 3rd axis that can't be done easily just won't have any fancy radiuses ect....



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Center to center the red line is approximately 2.682"
The orange line is approximately 2.898"
The yellow line is approximately 2.500"
The black line is either 2.775 or 2.950 me an the notepad got caught in the rain.

Bolts are center to center. Cap and dome are outer diameters.

Measurements taken with my Starrett dial caliper. Red I measured outside to outside and subtracted the diameter of the bolt head.
Orange I measured outside to outside and subtracted 1/2 of each bolts head diameter.

Oil filter cover on the right side of the bike. 

0518161503a - Copy - Copy.jpg

 Well we got a volunteer with 20 years experience doing the Solid drawings from my pencil on paper and MS paint dimms & deets.

Sent him the first batch tonight and one more drawing tomorrow. 

This is encouraging.

Those are the same sizes as my 600's basically , wouldn't surprise me if Yamaha used the same cover on all their XT's so I'd be able to try one out easy enough.

Can I ask what this is for? I have an XT. What do you need an oil cooler for?

These motors are aircooled so naturally run hotter than the water bikes , oil starts to break down in the 250ºF range which is where these motors run and warmer . Under "normal" running conditions there isn't really a need to have an oil cooler but it does nothing but good to keep the temps as cold as possible . When you start riding in traffic , or long distances at highway speed(yes oil temps get there hottest here) or mid summer and 90ºF then it becomes even better to run a cooler . Downside is fitting one and have ot out of the way so it doesn't become a liability rather than help.




Upper left side of the down tube is where I'm putting mine.

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