Toyhauler Motorhome?

Anyone know who's making an RV motorhome that's a toyhauler? I saw one at the track a couple of months ago but I don't remember who the manufacturer was.

Get a Cycle News magazine. I can't remember who makes them either but I do know they advertise in Cycle News every week. Those things are EXPENSIVE.

I think a company called "Prowler" makes one or that might be the model of the trailer...saw one and DROOLED :)

I've seen one that shows up at the track I go to it's called a "FUNMOVER"

I saw a ad in a magazine and wanted to find out about it. The company I checked into was owned by "four winds" and it was called "fun mover". They don't have prices on the web but you can request a catalog and the phone # of the nearest dealer and they will send it to you. I called on their top of the line the 35c and if I am going to do something I am going to do it right so I got the fully loaded price. $104,000 OUCH!!! try this web site

Thanks guys. They are cool but for that kind of coin a guy can buy 2 new turbo diesel trucks and a huge trailer toy hauler!

Maybe someday I'll hit a jackpot, yeah right.

thats what I'm saying. For $104,000 I can buy a tricked out diesel, loaded fith wheel and a few new bikes and have money left over to trick them out.

An idea that I've been pondering for quite a while is to take a used motorhome that is about 27 or 28 ft in length with a rear bedroom and then do a conversion on it. Gut the rear bedroom, add a drop gate or roll up door and way you go. I figure the cost would be about 1/4 or less than some of the new ones.

Roostie, you must have alot of free time.

I get the cycletrader every once in a while here which includes UT/NV/ID/CO/WY and somewher in CO I see these things for 7k-16k$$$$$

I didnt think that is too bad.

20fter for 8k!!

I will see if I can track down a tele number for YA!

G :)

Here is two places that are not that far from VEGA$.......>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<....22'ALJO cycle hauler>>>$10,999

and try givin' these guys a call>>>> Wasatch Trailer.......1-800 379 7575>>>>> 02' Carson Fun Runner FL202 fully self contained $7,495

01' Fun runner FD242 Deluxe 8' wide int. Bath w/dressing room FD200D $14,130

'02 Carson Fun Runner FD202 $11,495!!!!!

'01 MB282 Front/rear queen beds/generator/carpet/elect torque jack.......$23,690!!!!!

Layton Utah or Eaton Co......970 454 0233


good luck mane! :D

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