94' 650L Needs!

I need to get a bigger gas tank, passenger pegs, better exhaust and replacement windshield/headlight plastic (broke it on a fall). Any recommendation on who to buy from and which one to get?

Also, is there a good online salvage yard for used parts or at least a GOOD OEM site. I find ebay lacking and can't believe the costs of the parts from Honda.

Finally, I want to take off the smog stuff (bike's from California and I'm in Utah). Isn't there a kit I need to buy?

Any help on any of the above would be great. I'm going to do the San Rafael Swell in southern Utah this weekend. Pretty stoked as we've had way to much snow in Northern Utah this year.


Logan, Utah

Get a clarke or Ims tank I think they come in 4.3 or 4.7 gal sizes. Not sure about the passenger pegs never looked for them probally just go to your local dealer and get the oem pegs. What exactly do you mean by better exhaust do you mean you wanna get an aftermarket one or uncork the stock one if aftermarket i'd reccomned the white brothers E-Series. Not sure about a salvage yard but I know theres a site thats you can order oem parts of off for cheap cant remember the url though. And yes you have to get what they a smog block off kit I think u can get one form IMS or BAJADESIGNS probally find all this stuff on this site's store. Hope this helps Good Luck. :)

e-bay is a good start, but there's no guarantee you'll be successful. Baja Designs has just about everything. I should know, they've got a big chunk of this kid's change. All good stuff too.

The Clarke tanks are top notch. I've got the 4.0 & it's plenty big. Check westymotorsports.com It was the cheapest I've found for Clarke products.

IMS block-off kits are readly available at BD or online.

As for the exhaust, if you've got the cash & no noise constraints, go for the gun, the Big Gun Race system. If you're looking for a good slip-on, check out the Supertrapp IDS2. It's what I've got and it works.

Check out Cee Baileys for a windshield, $92 for clear and $99 for smoked. They look good and are the right height to keep the wind off of your chest but still easy to look over on the trail.

Talk about digging up an old thread. Not meaning to flame you, but somehow I think that he found what he is looking for in the last 3 and a half years.

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