Fork Pop

I have a quick question for you suspension guru's out there. Last time I rode my bike, when I was landing from jumps (not huge triples or anything, just little ones) I noticed the forks would make a popping sound when I landed. I'm guessing I need to bump the compression up slightly, but since I've never messed with suspension settings before I'm not sure. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm 6'2", 145 lb, and I trail ride. I do get some track-type riding in, but not on an actual track. There are some little tracks with small jumps close to where I live where I go play around some times. Most of my time is spent on trails going moderately fast (4th or 5th gear, various throttle openings) with quite a few rocks and some small jumps. Suspension is box stock right now. I've also noticed the popping when hitting a rock at speed. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure it wasn't the front brake line slapping against the number plate? What I'm getting at is that it is prudent to rule out the source of this noise as coming from any other place other than the forks. You can drive yourself nuts searching for a noise that you assume comes from one source only to discover much later that it was something different.

Honestly Boit, I never thought about that! I'll look into it.

If you want to check if its bottoming simply put a zip tie right after the seals. After you hear this noise check to see were the ties are. If they are at the bottom the it is bottoming.

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