bent rim

Any tips for fixing a bent rim? MY front rim is bent on the right side, the bent part is bent up and out.Will hitting it with a dead blow hammer work, should I hit down frist and then hit the rim in, any suggestions would be much appreciated

Is the tire still holding air? If it is don't screw with it. If it bad or gets worse replace it. Go to Excels or one of the other aftermarket rims. I've got Excels and regularly pound the crap out of them over rocks (Arizona) and not one ding or bend. Good luck

I bent a rim a few years back on my 125 after hitting a rock pretty hard. My Dad used a wooden block (4x4 or 2x4) and smacked it a few good ones with a hammer. The block doesn't damage the rim like hitting a hammer directly on to the rim.

I'd try that first if its not bent up too bad.

I would recommend buying a new one, but if you are going to start beating your rim into shape loosen your spokes first. You could "true" the rim by adjusting the spokes. :)

I agree with Knobby;

If your tire holds air, leave it alone, you'll never notice it. I've got multiple dents in my front rim, like I said, I have yet to notice them, except for visually.

I DON'T know for sure, but it seems like you run a chance of cracking the rim if your try to bend them back. I don't know that for sure, but someone at my local shop told me that the first time I dented my rim.

Dodger :):D

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I've got replacement rims off of my '00 426 if your interested in purchasing either one or both.

How much for the rims? DO they include hubs and spokes?

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