engine damage from the lack of coolant

I have a 02 Yz426f. After last years motocross season, i apparently didn't have a strong enough mixture of antifreeze and water for our extremely cold northeast winter. I recently attempted to start the bike when i noticed the water :shocked:coming from the weep hole underneath the water pump. The bike wouldn't start and there is no water in the oil. Does anybody have any similar experiences or any suggestion(besides a 50/50 mixture)? thanks

Water coming from that weep hole just means the oring is shot for the pump impeller. There's an inner and an outer oring. If there's no water in the oil, you only need to replace the outer oring which is very quick and simple. I don't know if your anti freeze to water mixture had anything to do with it and the only way it would damage the motor is if you seriously overheated it. In that case you would have had steam coming up and the bike should have been pinging like crazy. As long as it's still kicking over, I doubt it's ruined.

Great advice about the pump seal.

To clarify the original post, I think he was worried that the lack of anti-freeze in the coolant mix allowed it to freeze during the winter and possibly crack something. To that I say, after you replace the pump seal, run it up to temp for a short time, then check the oil for coolant and after it cools check the coolant level. If it's all OK then you're most likely just fine.

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