2003 KLX125L Rear Shock Swap Help (KX/RM100 shock)

Hello TT, I am currently going to replace the rear shock on my 2003 KLX125L (same thing as a DRZ125L with green plastics) and i would like to know if the KX100 shock bolts right in direct fit on the STOCK swing arm? i have searched around and haven't got a straight forward answer to my question for the stock swinrgarm and i know about the dr_drz thread for his DRZ but he's also using a KX swing arm. Just wanted to know if it's a direct fit besides removing upper chain roller or if there's any machining need done. Thank you.

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      Been trying to help Berg1947 who is struggling with a carb issue and aware of many posts over the years requiring carb info especially airscrew adjustment and location advice.
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      I've got a question I'm hoping someone can clarify before I spend a few hours of labor for nothing. Our car racing team has 2 bikes we use as pit bikes. 1 is a Suzuki DRZ 125 and the other is a Yamaha TTR 90. Suzuki has bone stock suspension and the Yamahauler has stiffened fork springs and spacer added to the rear shock to prevent rear end sag.
      However, the TTR 90 is still a bit short and the DRZ 125 is a bit too tall (we've got a few girls that hop on them from time to time)... Here's my question, can I do a wheel swap on these two bikes to get the desired ride height of each? I'm not sure if Suzuki wheels will fit on a TTR and vice versa.. 
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      2.75" X 19" - Front
      3.54" X 16" - Rear
      TTR wheels/tires:
      2.5" X 14" - Front
      3" X 12" - Rear
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