Anyone tried the D&D system?

I can get a full system from my local bike shop at a good price. It looks a lot like the Dr.D system, it is stepped. It also looks much lighter than the stock system. I know that Thunder Alley and the Dr.D systems are the best, but I wonder if this system will compare. Any thoughts?

BTT Anyone?

A friend had a full D&D exhaust on his ZX-7 years ago. It seemed well made and had a really nice sound... I don't know how this would help you with a 426 though, maybe just a little company history..

i worked at a shop. i never saw a dirt bike one but the street bike ones were the cheapest crap out there

D&D = Dumb&Dumber

I looked at again, and there are a few notes that I made. 1 it has an obviously larger diameter through the pipe. Maybe too much? Too little backpressure may reduce torque. 2 the muffler is very small, so it will be very loud. The build quality looks nice. But I don't have any info as to whether it is lighter or where it adds power if any. But, since I can get it at a good price it may be worth it, although I think I would be better off with a Thunder Alley.

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