YZ400F HP Ratings

I am looking at getting a new bike and right now have it narrowed down to a few different models. I am looking at a YZ250F, 400F or 426F or possibly a KTM 400 EXC. I ride Hair Scrambles and do alot of trail riding with some SuperMoto on the side. I wanted to know what the HP ratings were on the 400 and the 426. And peoples general opinions on these bikes. Thanks for the help. :)

I love my yz400. My previous bike was a '96 RM250. It has way more power and torque than my old 250, but much more controlable. It doesn't tire me out like the 250 did.

Other things I like:

1) The suspension is the best I've ever had, it's very plush for trail riding.

2) The bike is very stable. Some people complain these bikes feel top heavy, but in my opinion I'll take the stability over headshake. I don't get tired out so quickly because I don't have to grip the bike as hard. Ever since I got the yz, I haven't had a bad crash, while on the RM I'd crash my brains out regularly.

The only time I get bothered with the weight is in the mud or loading it in the back of my truck. Otherwise, it's an awsome bike.

Well I have had 3 4-strokes since I started riding them. a 400, a 450, and now a 250. I have to say my favorite is my 250. The new 250F's (03-04), are amazing bikes. It pulls similar to my 400 only alot lighter. I want to say the 400 put out about 42-43 stock. The 426 was around 44-46 and the new 450 is around 48-50. The 250F stock puts out about 34-35 but I have some work done on it. Probably around 38 horse without U4 gas.

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