Q for racing medic types

Question for the racer/medic types in the audience.

I've got an upcoming race at an altitude of 4000+ft. The air won't be too thin but I expect it will be enough to be hurting after each moto, lungs and muscles burning. I'm wondering if there is a way to hasten recovery after each race, such as using an o2 bottle? And what about using it before each race?

You're thoughts and experience are appreciated


I wouldn't reccomend O2 for a few reasons. While Oxygen is absolutely essential for the body, you're not a trained medical pro. O2 can aid in recovery if your saturation levels are low, and it definitly can increase performance especially in an oxygen poor enviornment, but without any O2 saturation measuring devices (like those used by Paramedics, and Dr's) I personally wouldn't risk oxygen toxicity over a motorcycle race. you can also become drowsey, and perminantly damage your lungs by taking in too much O2. Oxygen is also extremely dry, and may irritate your lungs if not administered correctly. Without someone trained in sports related oxygen therapy, I'd avoid it all together.

As always I would concentrate on being extremely hydrated at least 3 to 4 days before the race, and make sure your nutrition is on target so you don't bonk halfway through the day. Try to step up your cardio training as much as you can right now, and if at all possible try and train at or near that elevation. I would also consult your doctor, or a sports physician about this before you try anything out of the ordinary.

Good luck

That sounds completely reasonable and I will stay away from O2.

I'll also follow your other recomendations, it wouldn't hurt.



You can start jogging! If you can jog a couple of days in the high altitude, you will become aclamated to the altitude!When i raced at Mammoth,i jogged 5 miles the first 3 mornings & practice in the afternoon. In the OTHG intermediate,I went 1-1-6-1

1st overall&bump up to expert because i spanked them! Start jogging now! You'll be amazed!! :)

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