When taking apart the CDI to set the gap I barged right in and took the entire ring out. I was stupid in not paying attention to where the rotation of the ring is. I'm sure it has an impact on the timing. is there a "home" mark of some sort or a good place to start. What are the performance  symptoms of to far clockwise or to far counterclockwise?

I did set the proper gap at 0.012"

Bought it as a literal basket case


XR Bare bones.jpg

XR done 1.jpg

Helm Inc.com , $39.95 for the factory manual.


can you see where the metal is dirty then clean from ~ 4 o clock to 9 ?

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I have an update on the situation. I blued and scribbled a mark then made small adjustment both ways from the mark with a test ride between. I could not sense much difference and I was satisfied with a couple degrees counter clockwise from a full clockwise stop. Rotate clockwise until it stops then back it off a couple degrees.

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