Is this true???

I have heard rumors, is it true that the 2004 YZ450F is getting red stickered in california??? If so what are the ways around this to get the green? -Matt

The 2003 wr/yz450f has a red sticker and the few 04's i checked did also.To be positive look at the Vin if it is 2003 or newer and has a 3 or c in the 8th spot in the Vin it's red sticker.

All 2002 are grandfathered as green sticker bikes.

The way i get around the red sticker issue is i have an older bike for the summer. i also refuse to by another bike unless it is a green stickered bike.I let the dealer know when i go in for parts and stop to look at the new models. I will be seriously looking at KTM if Yamaha doesn't have a green sticker on 05 bikes.

I'm over on the other coast, we don't have any colored stickers here, but we don't have any riding areas anymore either (all condos and houses now). :) Anyway, out of curiosity what makes the difference between green and red sticker? Is it only noise, or do they count pollution levels, etc.. also?

It is emissions level, and the threat of fire from backfiring, which for a four stroke is complete and total [@#$%&*!]. From what i see, there is a way around it. Take the bike to an emissions center, have it tested for emissions i believe the limit is 2cm of carbon per hour, then take the report slip over to the dmv to fight for the green. Also there is the situation with the spark arrestor, I would put on a USFS approved one. -Matt

Well, now getting it tested to see what it actually does would make to much sence wouldn't it? I doubt that would work. The the book the little old lady at the DMV reads from says you get a red sticker, then that is what you will get. Logic and scientific evidence will have nothing to do with it.

BTW where do they find these rejects that work at DMV's?

Anyone who works at the DMV is a flat out moron !!

Always wondered what would happen if you flat out kicked one of those rejects square in the nutz and made a run for it? :)

Sorry to vent I was just in there a week ago-

I think I have an answer, you argue your case with them, then if that doesnt get the green, present the argument in court, when you win after a 1 minute debate, rub it in their face. -Matt

I have heard of people going into the DMV and claiming they lost their sticker and needed a new green sticker, and if the little old hag :) behind the desk does not usually look very carefully she will just charge $5 for a new one and hand you the magical green sticker. :D

I have not tried this.....YET. I have an 03 yz 450 and also am dying to get a green sticker.

I Just read an interesting article in Dirt Rider about the Serivce Honda AF500 (CR250 chassis, CR500 motor). Aparently it is a green sticker bike! I don't understand, surely a premix 2-stroke puts out more pollution than a 4-stroke!? Maybe it's time for an aftermarket company to take a YZF/CRF, make a few tweaks and give it a new name, have it tested and sell it in CA as a green sticker bike. I bet there's a fortune to be had if it worked. :)

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