music while riding?

has anyone tried listening to music while riding

i feel im more "pumped up" and ready to go and ride while im listening to music, but when i get out there i suck because im all scared, i think if i was listening to music that pumped me up WHILE riding, i would be able to ride faster. im worried about being able to hear the bike and shift points and what not. has anyone tried it? i have a little mp3 player so it wont skip or anything and i have little ear phones too, i wonder if it'll work :)

I dig listening to music almost everywhere I go, I constantly have my headphones pluged into my ears. I've tried to moto with music on, it's nice, but had a few issues arrised from it. One, like you said, it's nice to be able to listen for shift points, doesn't seem like you can always "feel" when you need to shift. Second, I'm usually riding with other people, and find it cumbersome to have to take my helmet off every time we stop, to be able to talk to them (nice grammer huh). Also, I've found that I end up not even really paying attention to the music once riding.

I'll tell you what though, if I could rig up a system that allowed me to have easy access to the volume, so that I could just turn it down without having to take my backpack off and dig out the player, I'd probably ride with music more often.


Dodger :):D

The muzic I listen to is the Thump of my beast as it passes the KTM's, Sumsuki's Hondas, KumSuki and the low moan of those I passed singing "G that guy is fast and what a cool bike he has"


I wouldn't recommend it, although I have considered it myself and then thought better of it. I used to be an Industrial Hygiene Technician (i.e. OSHA compliance stuff) before I became and Environmental Engineer and I was involved for several years with my company's hearing conservation program. I know all of us like to play fast and loose with our health and safety. Just riding a dirt bike proves that! :) But keep in mind that the noise levels coming out of the exhaust are more than enough to cause hearing damage if you don't wear ear plugs while you ride. If you turn up the volume loud enough to hear it over all that noise, it has the potential to damage your hearing even faster. (Noise exposure is measured just like any kind of energy/chemical exposure: concentration/intensity x time = dosage. The higher the intensity, the shorter the time needed to reach the same dosage of noise exposure.) Another benefit of wearing earplugs is that they reduce fatigue, believe it or not.

ego, you are too funny! What color is the sky in your world? seriously though, I don't recommend riding to music. I consider it on the same level as some woman driving a big ass suburban and yakin on a cell phone! :)

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Me likey me Sumsuki! :)


My world is colored YZ Blue Of Course :)

to add to your comments

add: Dwam (Driving while applying Makup)


Sorry DMZ I call em as I see em,

I use my mp3 player and at only 1/2 volume I can hear the music fine as well as my engine for shift points. Makes work outs a bit more fun.


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