Hole shot Fork Hook, Group buy?

Is anybody interested in a group buy on the new Yamaha Fork Hooks? The price will depend on the number of people interested. This picture shows the Hook unanodized (can be anodized blue?) you have to all decide on one color. And the price will include milling the window in your fork protector along with pop riviting a G-10 roost cover over the window.Acerbis Right fork protectors can be purchased for $18.-


Ya get it from the guy who got the magnet plugs :)

how many people min. do you need to do it, how much will it start at? How much could it go down to?

First of all, can any one tell me what is the function of that???


And please nothing complicated... i am very s s l l o o w w w w :)

Delgadillo: it keeps the front end down on starts. By having the fork hooked in the device, you lower the front end of the bike 2-3 inches, which changes the weight bias. Once you apply the brakes or hit a fair size bump, it releases.

Thank you bassr... now my mind is getting knowledge instead of work bulls%^t


If I had a need for one I would make my own. Why dont you just make your own, it wouldnt be hard at all... and it would cost about $5 if you dont have the metal

I need at least 20 people to commit to justify the production setup, roughly 45-50 bucks for the hook,roost cover plate and milling the window. Less if I don't mill your fork protector,more if I mill a new fork protector and include it in the kit. I have posted this on both the thumpertalk Yamaha YZF400/426 and YZF250/WR250 forums along with posting it on DRN's new product forum. The price could drop 10-15 bucks if we setup and run more than 20 sets.

Mannnnnn Ohhhhhh Mannnnnn

is this a gimmic or what ?

This lil gizmo cost 18 bucks

Motoman said it,, just build it for probably 3 bucks

What do you gain


Man if you aint good at hole shots, YOU AINT GOOD.

All this is, is a way to goof with the other guys head, man dont you get it. I can not believ this crap. Will getting the hole shot mean ya win "NO"

The factory guys are always looking for an edge and part of that is goofing with the competition making them think they got something hot. Man oh man are you gullable.

Next time you see a race and the pro using it watch the start, and watch the front end that freaking thing goes to the top as soon as the gas is hit. The gizmo snaps open as soon as there is pressure on it strong enough to do so and that is the excelleartion off the line.

Save your self 20 bucks and learn to keep your ass off the seat on starts.


It works! BUT you must be good at starts to begin with!! If you get hole shots now, this gizmo will make you better!! But if your not so good it WILL NOT MAKE YOU BETTER!! It is not an instant hole shot. :)

YZF322, Check out the " Hole shot device at Dallas SX" post in this forum for my answer to your question.

You guys think it may help me with a hole shot on the other 92guys racing dez?

I think by the time my dead engine start is going and I hit that first piece of sagebrush i should have at least a 1inch hole shot by the time it breaks loose!!!!! :)

Now......if you could get me an extra 10HP........I think "I" could take care of the 10ft hole shot! :D



Butterman, sounds good to me

Butterman?,what keeps the hook from engaging if your forks are compressed on a jump or landing.....

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