Running Devol transfer pull rod?

so ive spent a few months tuning my suspension and finally have it dialed for me. unfortunately i still dont think stock suspension is working for me. right now  im riding a 06 CRF250 with stock showa rear end and  factory connection kit in the front.   well i wondering if for better performance i should just upgrade to a new performance shock or get new parts for my current one? so i started looking  and  heres what i found so far,

Devol linkage:  would this help me dial in the shock better for cornering and jumping?

race tech rear spring

or should i go with a whole new rear shock? i was thinking a fox podium...    

any help is much appreciated,


Nothing wrong with STD shock and linkage ,they have not got the valving right or your expectations are too high ? What are you comparing to ?

When were your forks and shock last fully serviced?  (oil, seals, bushings, nitrogen)

Also, do you have the proper spring rates recommended for your weight?

i serviced the forks about a month and  a half ago im running stock springs weight which i believe is for 150-190lb rider. i haven't serviced the rear shock but its not blown, however it is starting to wear so thats another reason why im trying to decide on whats my best value at the moment. As for linkages i heard aftermarket linkages like devol and pro circuit claim to  help with  the stroke and increase overall stability. Im not sure if that would  help me, im honestly looking for a more plush feel when riding. im just wondering what i could do to fine tune my suspension better

Linkages are not needed on most bikes ,, they are a good profit maker, a revalve and correct springs makes 95% of riders happy ,what do you weigh

im 140 lbs and 5'10 rear is 8 clicks for compression, and 9 for front, and running 10% sag front and rear


im still a bit of a newbie to suspension any links to learning more technical parts would help

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If you have STD springs they are too stiff for you , and less oil in the forks would help , STD is around 360cc and you can drop to 320cc

how do i tell if im running std springs?


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