valve clearance, intake valve 1mm out of spec...

checked my valve clearance , all valves were in spec except one of the intake valves , it was exactly 1mm too large. 

Should I shim the valves? 



something else I've been noticing, 

After I put the motor back together (I think) its feel like a small extra vibration or maybe buzzing noise.

(maybe after sitting for 2 days) When I warm it on choke it slowly gets to 4k but then starts climbing slowly to approx 47 and sounds kind of "slappy" 

Runs fine, no smoke, no weird smells, starts no problemo every time


...Im worried maybe I didn't put the camshaft cap on properly, not sure tho b/c If I did I think the symptoms would be a lot worst. 

when I removed the camshaft cap the camshaft was able to shift to the left and right (from clutch lever to brake lever , left and right). 

I wasnt sure where it was suppose to sit so I got it to sit directly in the middle of the "seat" of the camshaft cap. 


I torqued the cap to spec and I did it in the correct torque sequence


didn't remove the camshaft , didn't re lube it either just rubbed motor oil on it.

also I can't remember if it was like this before. I don't think it was.





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If you have a valve out of tolerance you should correct it. I know it is extra work to do just one but check the others and if they are close to being out get them back to recommended tolerances.  As far as the idle goes the bike is doing what it is supposed to do. I do not like a bike setting there idling at 4K RPM so after starting I let it idle up and then take the choke off. I let it run for a little bit and head out on my ride. As far as the cam moving left to right, there is a collar on the shaft itself that sets in a slot which holds it in place. You will have some movement. To the best of my memory the camshaft caps only go on one way.  When I do top end work on a bike I make sure  all surfaces have adequate lubrication. If you put some oil on the cam itself before reassembly you should be fine. Your oil distribution system will provide adequate protection in a timely manner as to not cause excess wear. If it doesn't, you have bigger problems than you know about. 

1 mm is a huge gap!!!  Did you mean 0.10 mm?  That would put the valve in the tight end of acceptable tolerance.

Ride on


On 11/6/2017 at 8:33 AM, brewster said:

1 mm is a huge gap!!!  Did you mean 0.10 mm?  That would put the valve in the tight end of acceptable tolerance.

Ride on


sorry yeah 0.10 mm 

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