How much do you usually have to spend for a good bike?

I'm guessing the $1000 ones won't have good suspension forks/rear? How much should I spend? Or would it be better to get a cheap one then upgrade the fork along the way?

Depends on what type of riding you plan to do. In general I would say that $3k can get a decent bike but there are always deals out there.

I'm planning on enduro mainly. 

It varies I bought an 87' on 1st overbore for 600.00 in 2004. but you have to know what to look for, Have an idea what the bike was stock, It should look similar to all the pictures.  Steer clear of "raced" bikes in general particularly ones with low numbers, (expert) level bikes can be "whipped" and may even have bent frames. Check that the trans cycles cleanly through all the gears, Look for leaks, bolts that don't match the rest, obvious repairs (JB weld) , Grab the front and back end and shake it, see if anythings loose - wheels/forks/swing arm, See if the shock leaks, If the linkage is loose, It should rebound smoothly. Listen for rattles or strange noises when it's running. Do all these on a used bike and be aware you will usually still be surprised when you dig into it. Happy Hunting.

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