Where do I buy crashed dirt bikes or motorcycles with working engines?

I want a small dirt bike engine or motorcycle engine (under 200cc probably) so I can put in a go kart frame I have, I wanted a motorcycle or dirt bike one so I get the clutch and transmission plus a lot more power for the size. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a crashed bike with an intact engine or where they just sell the engines from the bikes for cheap?

Craigslist and ebay.

Craigslist and ebay.

I can never find them on Craigslist in my area and the ones I find on eBay are chinese
1 minute ago, jukeltrucc said:

I can never find them on Craigslist in my area and the ones I find on eBay are chinese

You have to find someone parting out a bike, and those are the 2 best places to look. What you want is not easy, you have to keep looking and possibly travel a little distance. There is no secret or magical way to find what you are looking for.

Some bigger cities have bike junkyards, but running engines usually are at a premium price.

Do not use the forums to buy/sell/trade bikes or parts.

I suggest you contact a few local bike stores and ask them if they have anything you may want or know of a bike salvage yard in the area. Google/Bing works wonders as well.

I only have a budget of about 300 maybe a bit over to get the engine

Then about 50 to spend on whatever else is needed to make it woek

300? About all you can get for 300 is a brand new chinese 125cc from ebay.

9 minutes ago, jukeltrucc said:

I only have a budget of about 300 maybe a bit over to get the engine

Then about 50 to spend on whatever else is needed to make it woek

You'll need more than that. $300 will not get much of an engine. Anything modern and decent/running is over a grand. You will need a fuel pump, a method of powering the pump (though vacuum operated ones work good) and a fair amount of fabrication to mount the engine. Then proper sprockets, chain, ect.

For your budget, you are looking at a engine from Harbor Freight.

So I got a warning for a post that I put up. Probably one of the engine post from eBay. 

Honestly I posted that to help this post creator and hook him up with a good deal for a engine. I was not using thumper talk to advertise. I don't need to "use" thumper to advertise cause all my stuff sells on eBay on its own. If I was using TT for this I would be posting my Parts all day everyday with my own post.  

Anyway, sorry for innocently breaking the rules.  Enjoy yourselves...


I find deals here in NY, I will keep a eye out for you.  Maybe you can get a yamaha ttr 125 - engine? I find those a lot and people usually sell em cheap enough.  

How cheap
20 hours ago, jukeltrucc said:

How cheap

Definitely not $300 cheap. 

search lifan 125cc on ebay and figure out what shifting/ clutch configuration you want. then triple your budget for the rest of the go cart and you are set

Bikefinds is a good locater

for cheap dirt bikes

Another idea is getting an older

kart engine, they usually get

sold really cheap, and might come

with motor mounts, fuel pumps, 

pipes,  and systems ready to run,

just need to wait for the right

deal to come around. 

Parts and pistons are somewhat

still available, and there is a shifter

stock moto class that runs older

Honda CR 125's.

Ekarting news has all kinds

forums and classifieds to

post ads, pics,  and

ask questions, as well as other

kart clubs and websites that

might be in you're area. 

Everybody I have found an engine off an old it175

Still runs, and only 100 just need to scoop it up before it gets bought

Check out the apps like offerup and letgo. If you check regularly you should be able to find a complete bike with a motor that will work for you. Pull the motor and parts you need then list the rest of the stuff back up for sale or store it all in your garage and upset the wife "with all that junk".


Found the base Z50 motor for my big bore 88 build for $150 on offerup. Seller was upgrading to a 140cc.

Check Copart Auto Auction

Problem is, MOST bikes get parted out specifically because the engine is shot.

I would look for a local(ish) motorcycle salvage.  

Ebay has tons of working engines

It175 engine would be good one I bet.  Don't hurt yourself :ride:

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