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'16 YZ250 or '14 KTM 300 XC

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So I'm looking at picking up a second bike this weekend and I've found 2 that I'm really torn on. I'm a big fan of both bikes/brands but which of the 2 is the better bike for me and ultimately the better deal/buy. Currently I have a 16 YZ 450 with a Rekluse that according to Rekluse will pretty much slide right over to the 250. Oh I should add I'm keeping the 450 for track days this new bike will only be for single track stuff..

Now I'm a huge fan of KTM and the extra grunt the 300 has as well as the e-start and hydro clutch but is that worth the extra $1500 for a bike that is 2 yrs older?

So here's what I'm looking at;

YZ250; $4500

NRS suspension; Stealy 13 oz FWW; Scott’s steering StabilizerTusk Impact full wheel set, 18" Rear; Fmf gnarly pipe; Fmf turbinecore 2 silencer; Zip ty racing 3.2 gallon desert tank, Spare stock tank

Cycra full armor skid plateTusk steel braided brake line; Asv folding break lever; Pro taper profile clutch perch, makes the pull as light as my 17 KTM

Rekluse clutch Cover; Scott's bar mounts and steering stabilizer;TM designs slide and glide kit;Supersprox rear sprocket; Gold X ring chain; Acerbis hand guards

Several spare air filters and approx 20hrs on topend (I know that's always suspect)


KTM 300; $5900

Rekluse 3.0 clutch

Hyde Racing skid plate

FMF Gnarly head pipe and silencer

KTM hard parts seat

Factory Connection suspension

Fastway linkage guard

JD jetting

Enduro Engineering radiator braces

Has new chain and sprockets with 10 hours on the ring and piston



KTM 300.jpg

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If money isn't the real issue I would recommend the KTM.  Thing of it is the e start can have issues.  Since it has upgraded suspension the wp's should have the better parts.  The earlier wp air forks hard a part failure issue.  It has been addressed.  

    What type of riding do you do mainly?  Each bike is fairly well suspended and it looks like the Yami has a lot of goodies.  The old YZ's can't be beat.  If you don't mind the gearing in your 450 then yz shoudln't be an issue at all.  Gearing on the KTM would be much more off road oriented regardless,  but sprockets changes can make the mx bikes work fine and if you don't do a lot of super tight knarly stuff or are fairly fast you will probably prefer the yami.  The 300 would have extra oomph.  A friend of mine has a cr250 and he loves the rekluse.  The issue he has is the flywheel weight.  He felt it was too much of a turd for hills running one.  I've only ever run older xr's and 125's in open fields and on tracks so I wish I could be more help.  

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I have a YZ250 set up like that and I love it for high desert single track. Lack of a hydro clutch isn't an issue with a Rekluse because you shouldn't touch the lever. I also have a Yam 450 and many of the parts are compatible.

The difference between a 300 and 250 is not huge. I like the instant zap of 2 strokes, thus I don't have a flywheel weight, thus my 250 is still a 250.

The YZ250 is a Yamaha and the 300 is a KTM. That should be the decision. Read some threads in the Yamaha 2 Stroke forum and KTM 2 Stroke forum.

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I've actually owned several KTM 300s and 1 YZ250 so I know what they feel like and personally I do notice the extra grunt of the 300 over the 250. Plus I'm 230lbs so it's really nice to have it!!

That all said I went and checked out the 300 and was not to impressed, have not had a chance to look at the 250...

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I think I recognize your name and avatar, didn't you have a YZ 250X?

That’s a good memory you have and yes I did have one and I regret the crap out of selling it.

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Yah I remember you having some trouble getting the jetting the way you like.
I have a YZ250X, and love it!
Good luck on your new purchase :)

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