TTR230, taller tire?

I have a 2007 TTR 230, that I ride to keep up with the grandkids, to keep them out of trouble, and be there when they do get in it ! :)  I'm no motocrosser, Hare Scrambler, just a putt-putting old fart ! I'm not looking for anything other than a little more height, hence taller tire. Am I barking up the wrong tree? If not what can I safely do on the rims I have or do those need upgrading?

I've tried up-sizing on my Honda CRF250X (enduro version of the R motocross)

not for additional height but rather taller sidewalls for rim protection and extra 'cushion' for the rough rocky trails I ride.


Went from the original sizes:

80/100-21 to a 90/100-21 front

100/100-18 to a 110/100-18 rear

so slightly taller and wider in both cases.


The change was quite noticeable, the rear especially, only 3 rides was enough to pull it off and switch back to a 100/100.


-the larger front made for slower and heavier feeling steering (even at slow trail speeds)

-the larger rear added much more unsprung weight, bogged down the engine (despite going +2 on the sprocket)

being wider negatively impacted handing with less cornering and 'side-hilling' capabilities.


I've now worn out the front tire and switched back to the stock size, the bike feels much nimbler.


In my opinion for the very slight gain in height (1" or less), it's not worth messing up the handling and performance.

Bar risers and a taller seat foam may be a better route for you.

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 The narrow rear rim is less than ideal for larger tires, a 2.15 works better.  With careful sprocket and chain length selection (I use 13x50 sprockets with a longer than stock chain) you can use about as tall a tire as you can find, like a 4.00X18 Trials tire.

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