Bike Down... Need RaceTech Valve Chart for FMGV3232GC or FMGV 3230G

I contacted Racetech about a week ago and they send back the shim stack for me to use but the pdf they sent over with the instructions was for the wrong style gold valve. The stack, as well as what I have, is for the 2014 KX450F KYB PSF 1 G2-R valves. I have their shim stack code but cannot convert that over to what the actual shims are. I need the Gold Valve Chart for the FMGV3232GC (combo with rebound) or FMGV3230G (just base valve). I have both compression and rebound.

Does someone have that so that they can convert it for me?



just call sure they will help

5 hours ago, joethumper said:

just call sure they will help

It's already been sorted. I was trying to ride on a Saturday morning and posted this on a Friday night late after they'd closed.

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