2007 200exc problems

so i recently purchased a 2007 200exc, which was supposed to have everything replaced etc etc. when i got it, it was running fine for the first 2 weeks, then the bike wouldnt start, and everytime you cranked the kickstarter fuel would POUR out of the carby overflow tube. so me and my dad took apart the carby and found a sh!t ton of dirt and gunk in there, so we used carby cleaner and a toothbrush to get as much out as we could, still poured out fuel when cranking. so we once again took apart the carby and found the the needle and float had a problem where by the float was bottoming out all the time (im no mechanic so dont have a go at me if im using wrong terms or am wrong), so we fixed that and made the float level out. went to start it, great, it started, no fuel pouring out, couldnt be happier, que the new problem. the bike cannot idle for more than 20 seconds before stalling, and once it has stalled, you cannot start it again, turns out spark plug was not the right one and was to "cold". so we ordered an iridium spark plug in hopes that it would fix this issue, we were wrong. i had recently got the bike regod and i was keen to show it off to my mates, when for a ride which should have taken 5 mins, ended up taking 2 hours. i was riding up a hill and so gave it a bit more throttle, and the bike started to cough and splutter then just cut out. wheeled it off the road and when to start it, wouldnt start, after 2 hours of trying to start it every now and then and waiting for fuel to purhaps evapourate off the new spark plug, wouldnt start still. eventually i had to clutch? roll start the bike which it ran finish after that. the still would start whilst kciking it so again i had to clutch start when leaving my mates. then the bike cut out again on a hill. wouldnt start when kicking, and had to clutch start again, made it home, and not touching it until it gets a proper fix as i dont want to be stuck 10km from hopeand cant start the thing.:cry:


if there is any advice at all that may resolve these issues of not idling, not starting, and cutting out when giving it throttle up a hill that would be greatly appreaciated, ratio is 50:1 by the way as i did run 40:1 but the plug always turned black, and it has had an aparent top and bottom end rebuild. could be jetting im told or needle and float but i really am stumped and i dont want to be forking out a whole bag of cash as i had just paid a total of roughly $4500 for this bike and rego, (i live in Australia)

thankyou and serioulsy and advice id really appreaciate it:thumbsup:

Needle and Jetting is the cheapest fix. Mine had a hard time running properly at full rich. Hard time idling, bogging down all over the place, and mass amounts of smoke whenever on the throttle. Bought a JD Jetting Kit and used the "Red Needle" on the 2nd clip from the top and has fixed the problem. I'm running Motorex 50:1 ethanol free 91oct, Iridium plug, 185 main, 45 pilot and the JD red needle with air/mix screw running 1 3/4 out. Rips nicely, great idle and doesn't bog. Assuming everything is as it said it was when you bought it I'd work for the cheap fix first in jetting and a different needle. Best of luck brotha!

What is the jetting?  I'd also check float level,  reeds and compression to start.  I, once had carb over flow intermittently.  Turned out a sliver of o'ring was stuck just above the float valve seat.  Once in a while it would dangle down and hold the valve open.  It was an intermittent problem that took 3 or 4 carb dives to find..and we got a bit lucky spotting the problem.


If thats not it then record all jetting settings and set float level properly and inspect floats ,(bent cracked, etc).  If both  are set to stock (including needle type and clip position  and slide #) then suspect something else.  Sticky float needle, bad reeds or air leak?  (Carb boot is first to check (crack?/, good seal to carb?, good seal around reed cage to engine...Tighten bolts here.  Even cap on top of carb slide could be not sealing ( where throttle cable mounts)   90% chance its a. simple and easy fix.  But it could take several hours to isolate it, so dont get discouraged.

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My bets on the float since that was problematic and potentially not solved yet,

ok, you probly arent (actually you probably will) going to believe what the problem was (so far anyway)

the fuel filter

me and dad had istalled an inline fuel filter between the tank and carby, which i had failed to mention, went up and around in odd angles etc but we figured itd be fine, little did we know that the engine/ carby/gravity would no be enough to pull fuel the to the carby (at a decent rate anyway). i only tried taking it off after i heard that inline fuel filters on 2 strokes is BAD becasue it can take out some of the oil from the fuel or something like that.

long story short just took the fuel filter off and the old hose made a b line from tank to carby, no twisting etc. bike started (at least hahaha) warmed it up, clicked into first and WOW, thrttle response was instantly better and more power, rode around for a while on road and dirt, up hills, down hills, not once did it fail to pull me up the hill, cut out, stall, or fail to start again.

such a small thing and i NEVER would have thought of it until i read it, so so far, so good

if i have any problems ill let you guys know but i cant complain now its running like a dream :ride:

thanks again guys for the advice, i will probably get it re-jetted or something anyway to be on the safe side, but hey, im happy as right now:thumbsup:

cheers guys

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