checking float level

I have a 2016 KTM 250XCW. It has the Khein carb on it. It runs great, but last weekend I ended up using  about 1 1/2 gallons of fuel for 33 miles of singletrack. Now granted I was 2nd gear most of the time. Just seems like a lot of fuel used for that distance. I watched some videos on youtube and got the general jist of it. adjusted my float to where the videos recomended to be. Casting lines of the floats paralell with the bottom carb, where the bowl attaches to, carb at a 45 degree angle. Floats Maybe a little lower than that but not much. What are your ways of checking float levels? I think the more information I get, I will be more educated. I know it ill come up, but I can not afford a Lectron or Smartcarb right now


Little Jeff

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11 minutes ago, Little Jeff said:

 carb at a 45 degree angle.

It's more important to hold the carb at whatever angle it takes to seat the needle valve in its bore, but not letting the float compress the little spring loaded nub of the needle valve. That may be 45*, or it may not.

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