Fuel Screw O-Ring

Does anyone have a suitable sub for the o-ring used in the fuel screw of the stock carb? I seem to go through them frequently most likely due to the ethanol gas we have here in Hawaii. Honda only seems to sell it as part of a gasket set. All I need is that o-ring, not the entire gasket set.

I did find something very close in an o-ring selection at an auto parts store but getting that bugger out later was no fun.

I have had to use a cheap lighter, break it apart and use the o ring inside...it was the same size...gotta get creative sometimes


May be able to find the size above or McMaster.

Typically they have other materials like silicone which would last a lot longer. 

If somebody has the size I can look. I just remember it is tiny.

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I've just ordered some o-rings from jetrus after doing some measurements of the old crusty ones that came out of the carb in the past. I'll update this thread once received and can confirm what size actually works in the stock carb and the actual dimensions of the o-rings for future reference.

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