Times are A changin - Elkins Flat Sunday 11/5

hey Oldedude and I are going for a sunday ride in some black chocolate cake at Elkins sunday
 730 am at the somerset cafe. time changes the night before so it will feel like 830

get to try out my new Video Camera, you can be a movie star if you come out

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I might be over in that area on Sunday too.

Riddler, there is one half moon hill climb sort of old landslide big bowl zone at the top of 26, we usually stop there cause it's at a trail split and look down into this huge bowl.  I see bikes have tried it, but we never go down there at the bottom and look up, cause once you are at the bottom.... you gotta come up.  Looks steep.  You probably know of it

that Big Bowl is up in this zone some where,  at a trail crossing with 26


Bob, would like to know how the NEW camera is working out. Will be looking for video Monday AM with my coffee. 

yeah, I am curious myself how the videos will turn out.  These first rides tomorrow and next week are field test rides, see if my mount and positioning is good.  After that I am sure I will need editing software, at least to cut and clip to the best parts.   Hopefully there are some best parts. :thinking:  I ride boring OHV trails to many people, but some parts can be real sweet and now I don't have to stop and take photos, I just ride thru.  So maybe I can post production make some interesting Vids.  I can also ride ahead and turn back and video riders coming thru.

Who knows this camera my inspire me to ride some more interesting trails I have rode before but been staying away from.    These may make Superlurker inspired to fix his bike

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I have ridden stuff that was TOO exciting! I don't mind riding old roads, trails and such. Just north of me is land development, 40 acre plots, 8 or so miles east to west, 6 or so miles north to south, miles and miles of graded road that are not used much. I can get out on these and enjoy the ride, and, AND there are the old trails, old narrow gauge RR bed and much more if I get tired of boring graded dirt roads.

That bowl has a ladies route out on the right side when you are looking down into it.

Drop in and ride the wall. If you can't crest the top you can take a the ladies way out.



yeah I saw what looks like an easy way down and out, but always thought maybe that route too was deceivingly steep too.  may have to go down in that bowl one day and give it a deserving name.  like "rat salad" or "chicken bowl"  or "heart break ridge"  or shit hole    :lol:

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I haven't ridden that area for 5 years and it was maybe twice before that

But I have mb5 and wet dirt, there isn't a hill I won't get up

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Here we go, first ride since Donner party. She took her carb out and washed the silt out, she removed the 4 lb air filter, she has a new air filter, clean carb, lubed chain, and hammered down hand guard. 

Wanted to take the f100 but the fuel pump started peeing on to the exhaust manifold last night 🔥.

This is the fattest and laziest I've been in a while. 

This is big bobs shot to punish the Riddler

I need to get out there tho, body is begging for it.

Edited by the Riddler.

730 am at somerset cafe Kyle - corner of bucks bar road and mt akum road.

 or see ya later on the trails. We probably will stage at USFS cabin on plummer ridge.

 if we run into you, we can film you riding that deep bowl - Call it Riddlers-pit



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