Beta RR extra flywheel ?

Hi , does anybody know if it could be possible to mount on a Beta RR 300 2017 an extra flywheel ? On GGs it's possible but I don't know about Betas , I can't find anything online even on Boano website . Probably I need to manufacturers myself but I don't know if there is enough space ...

I don't own a 300, but I'm curious about the answer. I presume you're trying to bias it more for low-end, low-speed trial-esque torque?

GG uses a different ignition than the Beta. The inverted flywheel 2K-4 with the ring gear makes it difficult for a bolt on solution. Why the need? Just curious. There are other ways to tame response if that is the goal.

Beta have been making tractable 2 strokes for over 70 years. The RR300 powerplant is the epitome of useable tractable easily adjustable power. Play with the powervalve settings for an afternoon on differing terrain. Then play with gearing if you are still not satisfied.  

For 99% of us the RR300 2 stroke motor is heaven in a bike:)

If you need/want more flywheel weight on a RR300 you'd be better off spending your money on coaching lessons from Tim Coleman:)

Hi everybody , well I love my beta and its torque , I've bought it 3 months ago so I'm enjoying it and understanding how it works and feels step by step , I've changed my sprocket from 13 to 12 teeth , probably it was not a good idea , but I have to ride more to say . I've just tried my father GG 300 2s ( 12 teeth sprocket too ) with the new extra flywheel weight and it has impressed me , so I was just curious to know if it could be possible to do something like that on my machine , but I think I should ride my bike a bit more and maybe change my sprocket again ( in this period only slippery trails here and tons of rain and mud ) , anyway I love it , absolutely .

My first bike was (is) a TM 300 2s so it's a completely different bike .

For gearing on our normal-to-rough terrain I use a 13/52 combination. The fitter, more hard out guys will stay with the stock 13/49 I think.

When I use my bike for trials-like terrain, I drop to 12/52, put a hotter plug in, screw the Pv in a turn and use the rain button heaps.  I have the racing version, but I am pretty sure the cdi is wired for the standard version to fit the button if you desire. I find it does make a difference, esp in the first 1/4 -1/3 throttle twist.

I rode the bike for a year without playing or adjusting anything, I was that rapt with it. Now I have become more in tune with the bike, I am happy to play with settings a bit more. I drilled a hole in the plastic skid plate, in line with the PV socket. And with a hex key stuck into a  piece of rubber tubing zip tied inside my bark busters I can change the PV setting in 10 seconds. Plus I changed a number of the bolts that hold the plastics on, to socket headed cap screws, and that one hex key lets me take off the panels that hide my tyre repair kit (running tubliss), plug tool, spare plug and bike pump.  

She's just so much fun to ride I can look past the shoddy wiring, decals that come off under garden hose pressure and self destructing front forks (2014 Zokes:( )

Oh, did I say shes a whole lot of fun to ride!!! 

xtrainer pipe is another way to make it more smoother... ( if ya really need)

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