1972 Honda XL 250 Motosport Choke Cable

Mine is frozen and am looking to purchase another. Is Honda 17950-356-700 a good fit?

Thank you! I've seen the check reference as to what Honda this part # will fit...but...sometimes these aren't accurate and I didn't want to end up with something that's a tad too short. I had previously bookmarked the partszilla ad on ebay.

Here's some helpful info as well but keep in mind he's referring to a 1976 K3 and mine is a '72:


I posted this mainly to show the correct attachment in the close-up pic...however...the writer goes into detail in comparing the 17950-356-700 cable with a 17950-385-000 cable. And he also talks about buying a cheapo knock-off version. Keep in mind his bike is a 1976. My '72 bike came with the original cable which is comparable to the 17950- 356-700. Didn't want to muddy the waters by not mentioning this.



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