Fuel tank leak

Occasionally I fill my 690's tank at the end of a ride and the following day there is a pool of gas under the bike. It comes from somewhere higher up, but not the cap-vent area. Happens seldom and easy to forget to check out further.

Happened again today, so I pulled the seat to take a peek. Lots of gas apparently coming from nowhere. Pulled the tray that carries the various electrical components. One of the threaded inserts that accepts the tray screws was fill of gas. I used a pipe cleaner to soak the gas up, but it kept filling back up. The insert is in the tank and there must be a pinhole all the way through.

For now I'm putting an O-ring between the tray and tank. If that doesn't work I guess I'll try some sort of sealant on the screw threads once everything dries out.

Any suggestions? 



I would have your dealer replace tank under warranty.

6 hours ago, rusky said:

I would have your dealer replace tank under warranty.

2014, no warranty. :thumbsdn:

O-ring worked. :thumbsup:

Haven't found this to be a problem on the net with the 690. Apparently a similar problem is common with the 990's and only fixed during the warranty period. 

Sweet, you have a back up filler hole if you have luggage over the fuel cap. Bonus feature! ;)

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